Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 529

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Catherine cast a complicated glance at Liam. It had been a while since she had a high opinion of him.

Liam grinned at her, showing a row of white teeth.

At the sight of their flirtatious acts, Shaun’s face darkened.

Sarah then said gently, “Your treatment is done for today, Shaunic. You may send your wife home first.”

“Okay.” Shaun nodded. It worried him to see Catherine and Liam going back together. As for Sarah, he was sure that she had driven here.

When Catherine reached the door, she turned around and looked at Sarah. “Miss Neeson, I hope you can come to the manor when you treat Shaun. I’m sorry for being petty. After all, you’re pretty and also Shaun’s ex while I’m just a pregnant woman. Considering that you’re a woman as well, I’m sure you understand my feelings.”

“I understand.” Sarah nodded with a weak smile.

When Sarah noticed that Shaun had left without looking back, her pretty face turned somber all of a sudden.

Shaun actually left her alone here.

If this had happened in the past, he would absolutely not have done so.

By the look of things, she seemed to have underestimated that ugly woman’s importance in his heart. She had to deal with the issue with another tactic.

Liam walked out of the bar and was about to leave.

Suddenly, Catherine called out to him, “Thanks for today. Let me treat you to supper.”

It had been a long while since she came out. The smell of the barbecue beside her wafted into her nose and whetted her appetite.

“You’re pregnant and you’re planning to have supper?” Shaun frowned so deeply that his eyebrows were knitted together deeply. “Let’s go home.”

“I know you won’t agree, so I’m not inviting you. If you want to go home, you can go home alone.” Catherine gestured to Liam with her eyes. After that, the two of them walked to the other side.

At the sight of the frustrated Shaun behind him, Liam suddenly raised his brows conceitedly.

‘F*ck. Although I’m not capable enough to compete with you in the workplace, at least I can take your wife away in private.’

Shaun flew into a rage. “Catherine, I wouldn’t have issues with you having supper back then. But now that you’re pregnant, you can’t risk our children!”

“Hey, Brother. You’re wrong to say that. Who says pregnant women can’t have barbecued food? It’s fine as long as she consumes less of it,” Liam laughed and said with a wink.

Catherine nodded in complete agreement.

If she were not pregnant at the moment, she would even want to have a few bottles of wine.

She had too many stressful days like this.

“I’ve been drinking soup every day. It’s tasteless. I don’t mind that you don’t bring me out, but how dare you stop me now? I don’t care. I must have supper today.”

The aroma had caused Catherine to drool.

“Brother, you can go back first if you don’t feel like eating.” Liam went after her with a smile.

Shaun felt an overwhelming urge to step on Liam’s face. Ultimately, he pulled a long face and followed them.

After they got their seats at the night market, the surrounding noise and nasty environment made Shaun frown.

After Catherine ordered a few dishes, she passed the menu to Liam.

Liam ordered a few dishes too by yelling at the boss. Then, he said to Shaun, “Brother, I didn’t pass the menu to you since you won’t be interested in the kind of food here.”

Shaun was at a loss for words.

Fine, then. Anyway, he found the food here unhygienic.

Nevertheless, he could not afford to let his babies suffer.

He rose to his feet and walked toward the barbecue grill. “Sir, have you washed the ingredients?”

“My wife has washed the ingredients several times. They’re clean,” the boss replied with a smile.


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