Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 530

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Shaun could not believe it at all. “That’s impossible. I’ve seen on the news that the ingredients for barbecue are just casually rinsed.”

The boss was speechless.

F*ck. Was this person trying to cause trouble? If it had not been for his sturdy physique and outstanding attire, the boss would have asked him to get lost.

“If you don’t believe me, I can’t do anything. Perhaps you can choose to eat at another stall,” the boss teased him.

“It’s fine. I’ll personally wash the ingredients that my wife is going to eat.” Shaun chose the ingredients that Catherine ordered and cleaned them properly with water.

“Are you planning to wash everything, including what your companion has ordered?” the boss gnashed his teeth and asked with a long face.

“No. You can choose the dirtiest ingredients for him.”

The boss was at a loss for words.

How could this person be so mean?

Shaun calmly went back to his seat. “My dear, I’ve personally washed the ingredients for you. I can guarantee that they’re clean.”

Speechless, Catherine twitched her mouth. Then, she touched her belly. “How lucky my babies are.”

Shaun was at a loss for words.

Liam giggled. “I hope your father won’t have illegitimate children after you’re born. Anyway, I’ll treat you babies with affection.”

“Liam, what do you mean? Just zip it,” Shaun said in a huff.

“Am I wrong? Instead of receiving treatment at home, you spent the night doing it at the bar with your ex. Haha, I’ve never heard of anyone getting treated this way. Watch yourself, Brother,” Liam replied indifferently.

“Why do you keep dwelling on this matter? Every psychologist has their own way of treating patients.” An impatient look crossed Shaun’s face.

“Okay. You might be a gentleman, but how certain are you that Sarah has no feelings for you?” Liam shrugged. “If this had happened back then, I wouldn’t have been bothered to remind you. Indeed, I’m a scumbag. I’m not a good person either.

“But if I were in your shoes and my wife is pregnant, I’d definitely keep a distance from other women, much less my ex. The reason why I’m saying this is that I don’t wish to see my nephews or nieces growing up in an incomplete family. You should be able to understand this kind of pain, right?”

Shaun’s expression changed.

Catherine glanced at Liam admiringly.

She admitted that she used to hold a grudge against Liam, but it had vanished at that moment.

Shaun snorted. “My children aren’t your nephews and nieces. They have nothing to do with you.”

“Pah! You’re not the one who decides it. It’s my nephews and nieces who have the final say.” Liam and Shaun kept bickering with one another.

At the sight of the scene, a gentle smile spread across Catherine’s face.

“What are you smiling at?” Liam asked.

“It’s rare to see both of you interacting so much,” Catherine suddenly said, “Actually, you guys can accept, help, and support each other. As brothers, you don’t have to turn against each other.”

Liam said, “Ew. Who would want to help him?”

Shaun also said, “I won’t help him.”

Catherine was speechless. Did they not realize that they shared a lot of similarities? They seemed like biological brothers.

After supper, the three of them returned to the manor.

The minute Catherine stepped into the bedroom, Shaun suddenly received a call from Rodney. “Shaun, how could you leave Sarah alone? You should’ve sent her back at least. When she headed home alone just now, a motorcyclist robbed her and she got injured.”

Shaun was stunned, and his brows furrowed. “Didn’t she drive?”

“How would she have the time to get a car when she has just returned to Melbourne?” Rodney was at a loss for words. “Also, she was soaked to the skin. When I asked her what happened, she refused to tell me. You’ve gone too far.”


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