Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 535

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“By the way, you were quite close with Neeson Corporation previously, Chairwoman Jones. Since the company’s president was just elected today, do you want to call him to congratulate him?” General Manager Wolfe reminded Catherine.

Catherine was stunned. “Who’s that?”

“Thomas Neeson, the eldest son of Boris and his ex-wife. Previously, I heard he wasn’t that capable. But surprisingly, Hill Corporation agreed to provide them with the latest microchip as soon as he took over Neeson Corporation.”

Catherine’s expression became slightly stiff.

It turned out to be Neeson, that b*stard, who took over the role from Charity.

It went without saying that Shaun and Sarah had a hand in the decision.

No matter how much Catherine and Charity had begged Shaun back then, he simply refused to let Neeson Corporation off the hook. However, now that Sarah had returned, Thomas became the president of the company and the microchip was provided to them.

‘Shaun, oh Shaun, you might not have the thought of getting back together with Sarah, but she still holds a special place in your heart after all.”

If it had not been for Catherine who was pregnant, he would have attached more importance on Sarah than her.

Catherine took a deep breath.

She had to keep her emotions under control for the sake of her children.

Amid her thoughts, she received a WhatsApp message from ‘Shauncierely Yours’. [Babe, are you alright on your first day of work? Are you hungry? What do you want to eat? I’ll ask Hadley to deliver the food to you.]

‘D**n you, scumbag. Go and d*e!’

Catherine tossed her phone and could not be bothered about him.

About ten minutes later, Shaun called her. “Babe, why didn’t you reply to my message?”

“I didn’t feel like replying.” Catherine felt an overwhelming urge to continue feigning hypocrisy, but she was so furious that she failed to do it.

“What’s wrong?” Shaun was perplexed. “Has someone in the company offended you?”

“You’ve offended me.”

In a fit of fury, Catherine added, “Why did you let Thomas take over the position of president of Neeson Corporation? You know that he humiliated me in the bar back then and did those evil deeds that nearly made Hugh k**l me. But you’re choosing to listen to Sarah and assist Thomas no matter how evil he is, right? Previously, you promised that you wouldn’t be bothered about him. Have you forgotten about it already?”

Shaun’s head started to hurt. “I used to target Neeson Corporation mainly because of Charity—”

“Fine. Before this, you had always wanted to ruin Neeson Corporation. Now that Sarah is back, you’ve stopped all your plans. I’m sure she begged you. When she begged you, you agreed with it. But when I begged you, it didn’t work. Who is your wife here?”

“Cathy, are we going to argue over this again?”

“Why do you always have to provoke me? What would happen if you ignored the Neeson family’s matters?”

Catherine hung up the phone. She felt that she was not as important as Sarah in Shaun’s heart.

She was so heartbroken that she nearly burst into tears. However, she did not feel like crying because of him anymore. He was not worthy of her tears.

In the afternoon, she went to the hospital to visit Joel.

Doctor Angelo told her a piece of good news. “Your dad should be able to regain consciousness after two months.”

“Really?” Catherine was overjoyed. It was the best news she had heard recently.


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