Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 536

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Catherine had never missed Joel more than at this moment. She really wished he could gain consciousness so she could at least have a family member to depend on.

“Dad, please wake up soon. I’m suffering, and I miss you terribly.”

Her teardrops landed on the back of Joel’s hand. She did not notice that his fingers were shaking.

Later, she went to check on Boris in another hospital ward.

She discovered as she walked inside that the man was struggling to reach the bedpan beneath the bed.

“Uncle Boris, allow me to help.” She quickly walked over to lend him a hand. “I’m a friend of Charity’s.”

“Thanks.” He received the bedpan looking slightly embarrassed.

Several moments later, she emptied the bedpan into the toilet bowl. “Uncle Boris, why are you alone? Where’s Aunty Jennifer and the carer?”

“The carer wasn’t free this morning, and Jennifer left home to pack up our belongings. She said she wants to transfer me to another hospital in Melbourne. But she hasn’t shown up after that and I can’t reach her on the phone either.” He sounded worried. “I wish I could go look for her but I can’t in this condition. Fortunately, Freya dropped by earlier so I got her to check in on Jennifer.”

Catherine had a bad premonition and she suddenly remembered Charity’s request to get her parents out of Canberra as soon as possible. “What about your son? Or Sarah? She came back not long ago. Didn’t she come to look after you?”

“Sarah?” Boris appeared shocked. “Isn’t she d**d?”

“I guess you still don’t know that she isn’t d**d. I even met her in person.” She was speechless. Sarah had time to attend Shelley’s funeral yet did not even visit her birth father who had been hospitalized for a few days. She should not be like this even if he had remarried.

“I really had no idea.” He shook his head weakly as a bitter smile spread across his face. “Forget it. I don’t expect anything from those two children of mine. Fortunately, I can still rely on Charity and Jennifer, but she’s now in…”

Tears welled up in his eyes. “I was just telling Charity that afternoon that we should sell the company and leave this place altogether before the police showed up at our house…”

Catherine inquired after a brief hesitation, “Do you know that Thomas has taken over Neeson Corporation?”

“Thomas?” Astonishment washed over his face before he shook his head. “That rascal is not capable of running the corporation. My biggest regret in this life is having raised this son. He’s done so many horrible things in his life but why hasn’t he been put in prison? He’ll only get worse after becoming the president.”

This took her by surprise. She had no idea that Boris was so dissatisfied with his son, although on second thought, he was just telling the truth.

A few seconds later, he heaved a long sigh and waved his hand in the air. “Well, I don’t care about the business anymore. All I want now is to leave Canberra with Jennifer. We can try our best to get Charity out of prison then. I know for sure that she’s innocent. There’s no way she would hurt Shelley. They used to be playmates when they were younger…”

Catherine asked hesitantly, “Do you not have a good relationship with Sarah as well? Otherwise, why hasn’t she come to see you…”

Colors flashed across his face in quick succession.

“I’m sorry. You don’t have to answer this…”

“It’s fine. Perhaps she blames me for getting remarried.” He smiled bitterly. “Did I have other options? I was too occupied with work back then and Sarah’s mom had been fooling around with other men behind my back. I couldn’t take it anymore and finally asked for a divorce. But to ensure the two kids would grow up in a healthy environment, I never bad-mouthed my ex-wife even once. Perhaps they thought I was the one who betrayed their mother and slowly distanced themselves from me because of that. In fact, Jennifer treated them like her own kids yet they were unaccepting and inconsiderate—just like their mother.”

Catherine was surprised to learn that.

It seemed that Boris had it tough as well.

Evidently, Sarah and her brother were not good people but Shaun and his friends could not see that. This really frustrated Catherine.

Not long later, Freya called her on the phone. “Cathy, something terrible has happened. Charity’s mother is d**d.”

Catherine was stunned into silence. She forced herself to react calmly before walking out of the ward. “You can’t be serious,” she whispered.


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