Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 538

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Catherine felt like knocking Shaun on the head upon seeing how he had completely taken Sarah’s side. Could he not see that the latter was obviously a scheming woman?

“It’s fine, Shaunic. It shows that Catherine is kind-hearted as she cares about her friend. I should leave now. I need to go to the funeral parlor tomorrow,” Sarah said with a bitter smile.

Catherine was speechless. Jennifer would probably be unable to d*e in peace if Sarah was the one organizing her funeral. “No, Freya and I will take care of Aunty Jennifer’s funeral.”

“Don’t cause trouble. What can you do with your big pregnant belly?” Shaun said irritably, “You’re not Jennifer’s daughter, so you can’t even retrieve her d**d body.”

“Catherine, don’t worry. I’ll take care of this.” Sarah smiled.

Catherine clenched her teeth. How could she not be worried?

Sarah might even be the cause of Jennifer’s d***h. A person as vicious as her will definitely make sure Jennifer could not rest in peace.

After Sarah left, Catherine straight out refused to acknowledge Shaun.

“Cathy, are you still angry at me about what happened in the morning? Why do we always quarrel about the Neeson family? I promise you I’ll stay away from Sarah after my illness is cured.”

Shaun caught up with the woman.

She suddenly turned around and stared at him angrily. “Shaun, do you realize that you always take Sarah’s side when she’s around? It makes it seem like I’m an unreasonable person.”

He felt aggrieved. “Cathy, can you stop losing your temper at me every time you meet Sarah? Why do you care so much about the Neeson family’s affairs?”

“Well, why do you care then?”

She took a deep breath as she really did not want to argue with him. After all, the distance between them grew further after every argument. However, she could not help retaliating after hearing the stupid words that came out of his mouth.

Catherine slammed the door behind her, feeling exhausted.

She could not imagine how sad Charity would be to learn that her mother had died.

The next day.

Freya called again while Catherine was eating breakfast. “Cathy, Uncle Boris died of a heart attack this morning.”


The spoon she was holding fell into the bowl.

“When I went out to get Uncle Boris breakfast this morning, Thomas came around and told him about Aunty Jennifer’s d***h. Uncle Boris had a heart attack on the spot and was rushed to emergency care. The doctor said Uncle Boris had lost the will to live.” Freya began crying.

“I’ll be right there.”

Catherine rose to her feet.

Shaun grabbed her hand. “Where are you going? Sit down and have breakfast.”

She forcefully peeled her hand from his and yelled at him with teary eyes, “Uncle Boris is d**d! Thomas went to the hospital and told him about Aunty Jennifer’s d***h. The couple loved each other with all their hearts. That idiot Thomas is to be blamed for this. It’s all because of you. Why did you help such a person? Nothing bad would’ve happened if he had gone to prison a long time ago.”