Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 539

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Shaun’s handsome face froze.

“Are you happy now? Charity’s imprisoned for life and both her parents are d**d. Finally, your beloved Sarah and Thomas are the only ones left in the Neeson family.”

Catherine glared at him disappointedly and stomped off without looking back.

Freya was arguing with the Neeson siblings at the ward when Catherine arrived at the hospital after hurrying over.

“Move out of my way, Freya. It’s only right that we retrieve our dad’s d**d body. But if you really want to help…” Thomas teased and smiled wryly. “Be my woman and I guarantee that you can arrange my dad’s funeral.”

“Have you any conscience? Your dad has just died yet you’re laughing over here.” Freya was enraged. “He wouldn’t have died if it weren’t for you.”

“How is that my fault? He would’ve found out or died sooner or later,” he replied, evidently unbothered. “I really don’t understand the point of being sad over that mistress. He certainly deserved that.”

“Thomas Neeson, you’re a scumbag. He still brought you into this world and raised you at the very least.”

“It’s his fault for always siding with Jennifer and her daughter. I’m already doing more than I need to by coming to retrieve his body today.”

“You’ll be struck by lightning!” Furious, she kicked him in the chest.

“How dare you do that to me? Stupid woman, I’ll torture you for sure!”

He raised his hand to hit the woman back.

Catherine quickly shielded Freya behind her and glared coldly at him. “Try hitting me. I’m carrying the great-grandchildren of the Hill family. If you dare to hurt us, then you might probably have to step away from the presidential position that you’ve just taken over.”

Thomas froze for a split second before scoffing at her. “The Hill family’s great-grandchildren? So what? My sister will have one too in no time.”

“Brother.” Sarah frowned before shaking her head at him.

“I’m telling the truth. This position belongs to you anyway and she was the one who stole your position. I think she should scram now that you’re back. You shouldn’t get in between Shaun and my sister’s happiness,” he said and gave a snort of contempt.

Catherine replied coldly, “There’s no point telling me this. Say it to Shaun’s face if you dare.”

He glared murderously at the woman. “Am I wrong? Just look at how well Shaun is treating my younger sister! He helped me regain Neeson Corporation as soon as she returned and even facilitated a big business worth ten billion dollars for our company yesterday. Take a good look at your ugly face in the mirror. How could you compare to my sister with that horrendous face of yours?”

Freya flew off the handle. “If Cathy hadn’t been d********d, she would look a thousand times more beautiful than that stupid sl*t.”

“Who are you calling a sl*t? Apologize to Sarah right now.”

Rodney, who had just entered the room and heard the last sentence, warned with an overcast face.

A cold smile spread across Freya’s face. “Did I say something wrong? Why should I apologize? Did you hear what Thomas said to us earlier?”

“Young Master Snow, you’ve come at the right time. The two of them kept scolding my sister,” Thomas said right away, “Catherine even humiliated us just because she’s pregnant. Freya even kicked me. Look, the shoe print is still visible.”

Rodney looked at him before shifting his hateful gaze to the two women. “Apologize.”

This really enraged Freya. “Rodney Snow, are you sick in the head? Do you believe any bullsh*t they say…”

Slap! He slapped her across the face.

Freya froze entirely, while Catherine was infuriated by that. “How dare you hit my friend…”

Before she could finish her sentence, Freya had already thrown herself at Rodney like a wild animal, biting and hitting him.

“How dare you slap me, you rascal?! You brainless p***k, I’ve been wanting to punish you for a long time.” She pulled and tugged at his hair. He retaliated by pushing her away forcefully. In the end, she bit him on the face.