Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 540

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“You should eat more walnuts to strengthen your slow-witted brain. But I think it’s too late for you with your condition. I’ve already lost my job and am blacklisted now, so I’m not afraid of you anymore.”

Freya was really enraged. She punched and kicked Rodney, messing up his shirt and hair. Even his face was full of teeth marks and fingerprints.

The rest of them watched on, stupefied.

Rodney, who had never been punched and kicked like this by a woman, spent a lot of effort struggling free from the relentless Freya.

“You’re asking for d***h!”

He stomped toward her angrily, looking determined to destroy the woman.

Catherine quickly ran forward to hug her friend tightly.


Shaun’s warning voice rang in the room all of a sudden. He positioned himself in front of his wife within seconds.

Fortunately, he had rushed to the scene after learning that Rodney was coming to the hospital as well. After all, Catherine and Rodney had never seen eye-to-eye before and it would cause huge trouble if the two of them got into an argument.

“Shaun, why are you still helping them? Look at the state I’m in! It’s all because of Freya Lynch!” Rodney bellowed.

“It was you who slapped Freya first.” Catherine glared at him with disgust.

“Because she called Sarah names. Besides, the two of you have been bullying Sarah and her brother since the start. I swear I’ll teach her a lesson today no matter what!” Rodney became furious the more he thought about it.

Freya did not back off either. “I only did so because Thomas said Catherine is ugly.”

“You said my wife is ugly?” Shaun threw an indifferent glance at Thomas.

The latter shuddered before saying with quivering lips, “I didn’t.”

Freya snorted. “Not only did he call Cathy ugly, he even said that she should give up the role of Mrs. Hill now that his younger sister is back. He even boasted that Sarah would soon be pregnant with a Hill baby too.”

“Freya Lynch, stop bullshtting!” Thomas yelled. “Sarah, be my witness. I didn’t say any of that. Quite the contrary, the two of them called you a slt.”

“I heard that too,” Rodney said coldly.

“Sarah, I want to hear it from you.” Shaun shifted his gaze to Sarah.

She smiled helplessly. “Forget it, Rodney. Let bygones be bygones. The priority now is to send my dad to the funeral parlor. Miss Lynch, Mrs. Hill, I’m really not in the mood to argue right now.”

Catherine frowned at her witty answer. Not only did she manage to show that she was forgiving, but she subtly hinted that it was Catherine and Freya who could not stop arguing.

“Shaun, did you hear that?” Rodney smiled sarcastically. “Bring your wife home and keep an eye on her. Sarah’s forgiving but I’ll not let them off the hook the next time I see them bullying her again. Even with you present.”

Shaun frowned but did not comment further.

All of a sudden, Catherine laughed. “I knew this was going to be their words against ours. I knew no one would believe Freya and me no matter how much we defended ourselves. That’s why… I took a recording.”

She pulled out her phone.

A voice recording was played.

Colors chased across everyone’s faces. Thomas was scared and flustered whereas Sarah’s face was as pale as a ghost.

Rodney’s brows furrowed too. He really did not expect Thomas to say those horrible things.


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