Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 541

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Thomas should not have held on to those grudges even if he really despised Boris. That man was d**d now, after all.

Shaun’s handsome face gradually became overcast. He looked at Sarah indifferently. He was not bothered about Thomas as that man was an infamous p***k, but he definitely did not expect Sarah to lie to cover up for her brother. He had almost misunderstood the situation.

“Shaunic, can I apologize to them on behalf of my brother?” Sarah was flustered but quickly regained her composure, forcing out a smile. “Thomas has always been like this. I’ve told him many times that nothing’s going to happen between us two but he just wouldn’t listen. There’s nothing much I can do about that. Besides, I didn’t participate in the argument from the beginning but I was humiliated in the end.”

“Sarah, you don’t have to apologize since you weren’t the one cursing others. It was all Thomas.” Rodney could not resist comforting her. “Moreover, Freya is in the wrong for calling you names too.”

Freya laughed sarcastically. “What a great apology, Miss Neeson. If Cathy hadn’t recorded the conversation, perhaps the words you said earlier would make others assume that it was Cathy and me who initiated the argument. On the contrary, Thomas would have been cleared of all responsibilities. All these would then lead to Cathy and Eldest Young Master Hill quarreling again.”

Shaun’s brows furrowed. Sarah lifted her head, looking all innocent. “Sorry, I didn’t think about that. I’ll be more careful next time.”

“No need for next time! Freya Lynch, when will you stop?” Rodney could not hear more of this.

“Enough,” Shaun warned before looking at Thomas. “It seems like there’s been a huge misunderstanding because I helped you out a few times. I had no idea about the massive project you secured yesterday. Perhaps they thought we were close or something and thus tried to curry favors with me by pleasing you. I’ll give the word later to cancel the collaboration.”

Shocked, Thomas quickly tried to save the situation. “Eldest Young Master Hill, I’m sorry. It was my fault for saying the wrong things. Please don’t cancel the collaboration. I beg you.”

Freya scoffed. “Indeed, you’ve said many wrong things. Last time in the pub, you even said that Eldest Young Master Hill wouldn’t do anything to you even if you forcefully slept with Cathy.”

Thomas’ legs were shaking at this point. He almost fell kneeling to the ground.

“Did he say that to you?” Shaun narrowed his eyes and turned to face Catherine.

She twitched her lips. “Would you believe me if I said yes?”

Shaun glared dangerously at the man. He might not be convinced if he had not heard the disrespectful words Thomas said to Catherine earlier on the recording.

All of a sudden, he could understand why they were always fighting about this man.

As it turned out, his wife had been humiliated by others in this way.

He could feel his blood boiling beneath his skin.

Shaun kicked Thomas in the chest forcefully.

“Thomas!” Sarah appeared flustered. “Quickly apologize to Mrs. Hill and promise that you’ll watch your words in the future. I won’t keep helping you if you do this again.”

“Sorry, Eldest Young Master Hill. I was wrong.” Thomas immediately knelt on the ground and bowed to Catherine. “Young Madam, I’ll not be rude to you again.”

“Shaun, I think that’s enough,” Rodney said. He was not bothered about Thomas but he felt bad upon seeing the worried look on Sarah’s face.

“Remember, I’ll cut off your tongue if this happens again. Besides, I’ll not meddle in the Neeson family’s affairs anymore. I won’t budge even if you k**l someone or set a place on fire.”

After saying that indifferently, Shaun turned around to speak gently to Catherine, “Let’s go. The siblings can sort out Boris’ funeral. Rodney, the man is Sarah’s birth father no matter what, so give them a hand. Oh right, get Jennifer Craven’s body and bury them next to each other.”

“Yup, I’ll do that.” Rodney nodded.

Catherine felt relieved upon hearing that and left with Freya.

Although Rodney could be quite dumb at times, he was not a mean or ruthless person. Boris and his wife should be able to be buried together in peace if he was handling the funerals.


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