Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 542

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Darkness flashed across Sarah’s lowered gaze.

In fact, she had not planned on properly burying Jennifer. It was out of her expectation that Shaun would deliberately instruct Rodney to handle this matter. Had he lost trust in her?

More importantly, she was shocked that Catherine actually recorded their conversation in secret. It made her feel as though she had shot herself in the foot.

Stupid Catherine! She was just as despicable as Charity.

In the parking lot.

Freya was still grumbling to Catherine in a low voice, “I’ve just realized Rodney has feelings for Sarah. Anyone who ends up with that man is surely unfortunate. That brainless man is being manipulated by that scheming woman. Oh sh*t, do you think he’s kissed Sarah before? The thought of it makes me sick. D**n it! I once kissed him forcefully. Does that mean that I’ve indirectly kissed Sarah too?”


Catherine was evidently astonished. “Since when did you forcefully kiss Rodney? Did you not have any other men to choose from? Kissing a random beggar on the streets is better than kissing him.”

“Remember when Patrick came looking for me before? Rodney was nearby by chance so I kissed him to take revenge on Patrick. I regret it so much now I feel like throwing up.”

A frustrated look spread across Catherine’s face. “Don’t you dare be sick in front of me. Sarah’s ex-boyfriend is my husband. I bet they’ve kissed more times than I can count.”

“That’s right. You’ve kissed her indirectly so many times. You should probably rinse your mouth properly when you get home.”

Shaun, who was walking in front of them, was speechless.

Did the two of them have no idea that the echoes were loud in a parking lot? He could hear every single word they said.

They were criticizing both him and Rodney like they were piles of sh*t. Really?

He stopped in his tracks.

Freya immediately noticed the sulky look on his face. “My car is parked over there. I’ll see you later.”

“I drove too…” Catherine turned around, intending to leave.

Shaun grabbed her arm instantly. “Let Elle drive your car home. You’re coming with me.”

“I don’t want to be in the same space as you.” She was still furious at him.

“Cathy, I’m sorry. But I’ve punished Thomas and you saw it too.” He lowered his head to the ground, looking apologetic. “Boris and Jennifer’s funeral will be settled by Rodney. It’s going to be alright.”

“So what?”

She lifted her head to reveal the disappointment in her eyes. “Would you have believed me if I didn’t have the recording? You all would still think that Freya and I bullied the Neeson siblings.”

Embarrassment flashed across his face. “I didn’t expect—”

“There are so many other things that you didn’t expect.” She scoffed. “What good does your apology do? The d**d won’t come back alive anyway. Please, remind yourself what kind of trash the person you’re helping actually is.”

“You’re absolutely right that Thomas is trash. Do we really want to keep arguing about this man?” He said gently, “Why don’t I bring you shopping after work today?”


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