Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 544

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Catherine took a deep breath.

Well, at the very least, Aunty Jennifer and Uncle Boris would be buried next to each other so they would not be alone.

She stepped forward to give her condolences. Sarah, as the family member, joined in to express her gratitude.

Both of them lowered their heads to the ground. Sarah whispered in a voice soft enough just for them both to hear. “Do you really think it’s Jennifer’s ashes in there? Hah, I’ve already flushed hers down the toilet. What’s inside that urn belongs to a random dog.”

Catherine’s body was visibly shaking at this point.

She lifted her head, only to see the sad look on Sarah’s face. It was as if she had not just said something completely evil.

How could a person be this treacherous?

Catherine knew better than to fall into the trap.

However, she could not help but push the other woman to the ground.

Sarah hit her head on the coffin and tears came rolling down her cheeks. “Young Madam, did I say something wrong to offend you again?”

“Catherine, what are you doing?!” Rodney dashed forward to help Sarah to her feet.

“Catherine, this is too much.” Chester also walked over to help Sarah.

Shaun was flustered but knew Catherine was not an unreasonable person. “Cathy, what’s the matter?”

“What else? She’s gone mad. Shaun, bring her out of here right now or I might actually hit her,” Rodney shouted.

“Sarah Neeson, I’ve never seen a woman as cruel as you. You’ll be punished sooner or later.” Catherine held her hands into fists and stomped off.

She could not do much today with all these people protecting that sly woman.

However, one day, Sarah would have to pay for all the horrible things she had done.

“Crazy woman! Shaun, don’t bring her along next time. I don’t want to see that woman again.” Rodney was extremely disgusted by Catherine at this point.

“Rodney, don’t say that. She didn’t do that on purpose,” Sarah said, holding on to the man’s arm. “Based on my professional experience, she’s probably suffering from antenatal depression.”

“Depression?” Shaun was taken aback.

“Yeah, a pregnant woman goes through fluctuating hormonal changes. 10% of them would feel anxious, suspicious, have bad tempers, and their relationship with their other half would also become tense.”

Rodney exclaimed in surprise, “Wow, I think Catherine has all of these symptoms.”

Shaun felt his head hurt. He had yet to recover from his own illness. It would be terrible if Catherine had depression too.

“I’ll go after her.”

By the time he rushed to the door, Catherine had sped past his eyes in the car.

An hour later.

Catherine slowly walked through the prison gate.

Several moments later, Charity, who was dressed in a green prison uniform, showed up with her feet in shackles. Her hair had been cut short. She looked thin and tired.

“Cathy, it’s you. I thought it was my parents.” Charity smiled upon seeing her.


Catherine’s clenched fists trembled above her knees. She tried so hard to stop herself from tearing up. “Your parents… Freya and I have sent them over to Melbourne. Your dad’s health isn’t the best right now and your mom needs to look after him. They probably won’t come back to visit you often.”

“Thank you, Catherine.” Charity expressed genuine gratitude. “We’ve not known each other for a long time, but I didn’t think you’d help me so much.”

“No, it’s my fault for getting you in here. If I hadn’t looked into Shelley’s identity, she wouldn’t be locked up by Shaun and be b****d alive by the m******r.”

“I don’t understand why someone would do this to me.” Charity’s eyes revealed intense rage.

“Is it Sarah?” Catherine looked at the woman. “I know she’s alive.”