Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 545

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“I thought about that as well. But she didn’t boast about this the last time she came so I don’t think so.” Charity shook her head as a complicated expression took over her face. “She did say she wanted to steal Shaun from you and the position of Mrs. Hill. You should watch out for her.”

Catherine was startled. It appeared that her hunch was right. “Really? She doesn’t act that way in front of Shaun and his friends.”

“She’s always been this two-faced.” The corners of Charity’s lips twitched. “The three of them spoil her like a princess.”

Catherine scoffed. “I know. Oh right, did you know before this that Sarah wasn’t d**d? She even became the world-famous psychologist, Nyasia. She’s the one treating Shaun at the moment.”

Charity looked genuinely shocked. “I really thought she was d**d. Several years ago, she left to study abroad in Country M. She got kidnapped when she went to the forest with her friends. All of her friends were d**d and the women had been… raped. But she survived. Why didn’t she contact her family or even Shaun? Instead, she lived in secret to become a famous psychologist. Something’s not right about this.”

Catherine’s brows furrowed upon hearing the story of Sarah’s disappearance.

All of a sudden, Charity said, “Catherine, give up if it’s exhausting. You’re all alone with no help. I’m worried you can’t compete with Sarah and will end up losing everything in the end.”

Catherine fell deep into thought.

Of course, she had considered giving up as well.

However, her heart felt an intense pain every time she thought about giving up Shaun to someone else, or when she imagined the image of him and Sarah being intimate.

Why should she have to give him up? He was her husband.

The father of her children.

Charity sighed looking at her. “I think you shouldn’t let her treat Shaun. It’s a long process and he has to spend a lot of time in his ex-girlfriend’s company. Sarah will surely create trouble at every chance she gets. You might not be able to handle her especially now that you’re pregnant.

Catherine smiled bitterly. That was exactly how things were going.

Before leaving, she turned around and said to Charity seriously, “No matter what happens in the future, I’ll always be your friend and you’ll never be alone.”

Charity was startled and baffled. It was not until Sarah came to see her not long later that she finally understood the truth.


Catherine was surprised to see Shaun when she returned to the villa. He was sitting on the couch in the living room.

She walked straight to the stairs without looking at him.

“Cathy, wait.” He rushed over to grab her hand. “I got the kitchen helper to bake a cake. Why don’t you have some?”

She eyed the man up and down suspiciously. “You’re not angry that I pushed Sarah this morning?”

Shocked, he scratched his nose. “I was about to but on second thought, I know my wife wouldn’t push someone without a reason.”

Right at that moment, a lump formed in her throat and tears welled up in her eyes instantly.

Only God knew how furious she had been earlier today. She had even prepared herself to have another argument with Shaun. Little did she expect that he would choose to believe her this time.

Her exhausted heart suddenly got a boost of confidence to continue this life journey with him.

“Hey, why are you crying again?” He was flustered. “Your tears have fallen like rain since you got pregnant and they come without warning.”

He fumbled around to find her a tissue.

“Shaunny.” Catherine hugged him and buried her face in his chest.