Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 548

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Catherine laughed sarcastically. “Why didn’t Sarah come home earlier if she wasn’t d**d? How is it my fault that her man is married when she was the one who returned late?”

“It’s not that she didn’t want to come home but she felt undeserving of Shaun. It’s because she…” Rodney’s eyes welled up. “You have no idea what she has been through.”

“I don’t and I don’t plan to.” Her lips twitched.

He glared back. “Catherine, how can you be this cold-blooded?”


She was speechless. “I know you love Sarah but please don’t use that to hurt others. You want me to be sympathetic to her? Sure, but what about my marriage and my children? Who’s going to pity me?”

“Do you know how they met?”

He took a long puff of the cigarette. “Shaun met Sarah when he was sent to the mental hospital. That’s right, she wasn’t ill but she was sent there by the Neeson family nonetheless. His condition gradually turned better with her positivity and kindness. She was like his sunshine during a gloomy day. It was also because of him that I got to know Sarah. She’s a really good person. Even when they weren’t studying in the same school, she wrote him encouraging letters every day from primary school till after they grew up and became successful in life. She’s accompanied him for 20 years.

“Right, you’re married to Shaun but that was when he thought she was d**d. He’s a responsible man, not to mention now that you’re pregnant. Do you think it’s nice to be sandwiched in between them?”

Every word that came out from Rodney’s mouth pierced through Catherine’s heart like sharp knives.

She had no idea that the two of them had met in the mental hospital.

“Sarah studied medicine because of Shaun. She’s dedicating her whole life to him,” he said coldly. “Why can’t you give them your blessing?”

She laughed sarcastically. “Who will give me and my children blessings then?”

She turned around to push the heavy wooden door. “Rodney, you can’t make someone miserable simply because you love Sarah. Your values are crooked because of that woman. A person like you should never get married so as to not hurt others.”

Instead of going back to the hospital ward, she walked in the other direction and left the hospital.

Catherine walked along the roadside for a long time. Shaun called when her feet were beginning to feel sore. “Elle said you came to the hospital. Where are you? Why don’t I see you?”

“I left,” she replied flatly, “When are you coming home?”

“Cathy, sorry. Sarah is injured because of me and Thomas still isn’t here. I might stay for a bit longer…”

“Yup, it’s fine.”

She hung up the phone and headed to Freya’s house.

The latter was packing her suitcase.

“You’re leaving soon?”

“Yup, next month. I haven’t gotten the visa yet though. I’m planning to deliver all this stuff back to Melbourne.”

Freya looked at her friend’s pale face in concern. “What’s the matter?”

“Nothing. I’m just exhausted.” Catherine hugged her friend and tears flowed down her cheeks uncontrollably. “You’re leaving soon. It seems like everyone in this unfamiliar city sees me as the enemy. I’m afraid I can’t hold on for much longer.”

“What if… I stay?” Freya said through gritted teeth.

“No, forget it. You can’t help me even if you stay.” Catherine wiped her tears with the back of her hands. “It’s just that so much has happened lately. Sarah has started to make her moves. Shaun says he’s not going to get back together with her but I know that he still cares about her.”

Freya sighed at the sight of the struggling woman. “Cathy, I know you’re trying to save your marriage because of the children but it seems like the effort is one-sided. It’s going to wear you out. Why don’t you just take a break?”



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