Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 549

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Freya frowned. “All these years of being with Patrick have taught me something. A truly good man won’t leave you no matter how scheming other women are. If you’re the only one working hard to sustain the marriage all the time, then it’ll still crumble sooner or later.”

Catherine appeared startled.

Freya patted her on the shoulder. “There are too many women in this world who are willing to become homewreckers, not to mention Shaun is the wealthiest man in Australia. Countless women would love to throw themselves all over him and it’s up to him to know when to keep a distance from them. Just let things happen naturally. After all, it’s not worth treasuring someone who can easily walk away from you.”

“That sounds… right.”

“It is right. Let me treat you to dinner tonight.”


She went back to the manor after dinner but Shaun still had not returned.

The massive manor felt especially empty with just her alone.

That night, the memories of Shaun leaving the manor with Sarah in his arms kept flooding into her mind as she lay down on the bed.

She also recalled Shaun and Sarah’s conversation at the hospital earlier today.

Who knew how long Sarah would continue to be in their lives?

Catherine was pregnant yet she had to keep guarding against Sarah while keeping an eye on her husband as if she was in a war.

It was really exhausting.

Perhaps, like Freya had said, it was not worth treasuring someone who could easily walk away.

Forget it. She would just let it be. She decided not to care anymore.

Her hands went over to her belly.

Starting from today, she would spend more time loving her children to ensure they would enter this world healthily.

The other side of the bed was still empty when she woke up the next morning.

Aunty Yasmine had already prepared breakfast when she shuffled down the stairs after washing up. Shaun was waiting for her by the dining table, looking apologetic. “Sorry about last night… I came home too late.”

“It’s fine.”

She took a bowl of oats and had a small spoonful.

Her unperturbed reaction took him by surprise. “I wanted to come home earlier to spend time with you last night but Sarah’s wound suddenly—”

“Stop talking about her. You can do whatever you want,” she interrupted as she did not want her mood to be ruined by hearing that name.

The man frowned, assuming that she was jealous again. “Cathy, I hope you can understand that I was the one who injured Sarah last night. I can’t just—”

“I understand. That’s why I’m not saying much.” She helped herself to a sunny side-up egg.

He parted his delicate lips to say bitterly, “But you don’t look like you understand.”


For a split second, she was suddenly reminded of Rodney’s words from yesterday.

What the h**l was wrong with these men?

To them, it seemed like Catherine was always the one at fault simply because she had shown up in their lives at a later time than Sarah.

“Then what do you want from me?” She lifted her head. “You’re going to think I’m being petty if I stop you from visiting her. After all, you were the one who injured her. But you say I’m not being understanding when I say you can do as you wish. Tell me, what kind of answer will satisfy you? I’ll repeat after you.”

“That’s not what I meant.” Shaun had no words to defend himself.

“I don’t care what happens between you and Sarah from now on.” She sipped on the milk. “I won’t be bothered anymore.”

Her indifference made him feel bad. “Trust me when I say you’re the only one I love. After I’ve fully recovered, I’ll make sure to keep my distance from her.”


It was the same thing again.

Catherine was bored of hearing the same words over and over again even if Shaun was not tired of saying them.

She had a few more bites of breakfast before getting dressed and leaving the house.

“Where are you going?” he asked.


From this day onward, she threw herself completely into work.

Sometimes, she would visit the gallery or go shopping with Freya after work. On weekends, she would do charity work, read, practice calligraphy, or take walks with Old Madam Hill. Every day was enriching and productive.