Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 550

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On the other hand, Shaun was not used to not getting phone calls or messages from Catherine.

Not long ago, she would always call to ask about his whereabouts and schedule because of Sarah. However, she had stopped asking.

She would not call him and it was always him calling her first.

His messages were always replied to with just a couple of words.

She had even stopped showing up when Sarah came over for his treatment sessions.

When he hung out with Rodney and Chester in the clubhouse at night, she would show no interest in accompanying him and would not even question him.

For the first time, he truly understood what she meant by ‘not bothered’ anymore.

This feeling worried him.

Even at work, he would often get distracted and zone out without realizing it.

Hadley was baffled by his behavior. “Eldest Young Master Hill, is something on your mind?”

Shaun sipped on his coffee before asking casually, “I didn’t go home yesterday because the social dinner went on until late at night. Did Young Madam get in touch with you?”

In the past, Hadley would receive countless phone calls from Catherine if Shaun did not return home for the night.

Shaun deliberately did not inform her last night. He reckoned she must be overthinking by now.

The question took Hadley off guard. “Nope.”


Shaun was at a loss for words.

He loosened his tie in frustration. “What about Granny? Elle? Aunty Yasmine?”

She must have gotten the others to check up on him.

“Nothing from them either.”

Hadley blinked back blankly. “Eldest Young Master Hill, is it possible that you’re hoping that Young Madam would call?”

“No way.” Shaun glared at his assistant. “I just don’t want her to overthink again and affect the babies.”

‘Come on, we all know you’re pretending to not be bothered,’ Hadley thought to himself.

“Eldest Young Master Hill, don’t worry. Young Madam is accompanying Old Madam Hill to play bridge at the Lowes’ residence.”

“Bridge?” The corners of Shaun’s lips twitched. “Can she still play in her condition?”

“Why not?” Hadley was confused. “Old Madam says Young Madam is lucky because of her pregnancy. She even helped Old Madam win millions of dollars last time.”

“Silly Granny. I’ll go bring my wife home.”

Shaun rose to his feet when his phone rang. It was from Rodney.

“Shaun, come hang out tonight.”

“Aren’t you tired of going out every other night?”

The other person did not know what else to say. “Well, Chase is here today.”

“I’ll let you know later.”

Shaun hung up.

The driver was told to send him to the Lowes’ residence.

Lowe Villa.

A group of old ladies was gathered around to play bridge.

There were two separate groups playing in the garden.

Among them, Old Madam Hill was the oldest, but this did not stop her from playing passionately.

Catherine was the youngest among the women. She was getting familiar with these rich ladies after playing with them a couple of times.

However, one of the women playing in her group today was Madam Campos, the mother of Charlie Campos.

After losing twice in a row, Madam Campos said in a peculiar tone, “Catherine, here’s a word of advice. A pregnant woman should spend less time playing bridge and more time accompanying her husband.”

Catherine smiled without commenting further.

Madam Campos pretended as if she genuinely cared. “I heard from my son Charlie that he always sees Eldest Young Master Hill going in and out of bars and clubhouses with that woman from the Neeson family.”

One of the ladies nearby exclaimed, “I hope you’re not talking about Sarah Neeson.”


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