Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 551

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“Yes, it’s her.” Madam Campos played a card. “Men, they need to be controlled. If not, they’ll hook up with someone else.”

“You have a point there.” Catherine played her last card. “I win.”


Madam Campos wrote a check with a dark expression. “Don’t you understand what I’m saying?”

“I understand,” Catherine said calmly, “But nowadays, isn’t it very normal for men to have an affair? I heard that Mr. Campos had an ambiguous relationship with his secretary previously…”

Madam Campos felt humiliated. “Those are just rumors. I’m talking about you now.”

“I told you, how many men wouldn’t cheat on their wives? Furthermore, Shaun is the wealthiest man in Australia. There are countless women who want to have s*x with him. I can’t possibly care about all of them. I should mind my own business. When the twins I’m carrying are born, I won’t even have to worry about my meals in the future.”

Catherine started shuffling the cards nonchalantly.

After she shuffled the cards, she noticed that the madams at her table were looking behind her with an odd expression.

She turned back to take a look. Shaun was standing behind her with a hardened expression. She did not know how much of the conversation he had heard.

Madam Campos burst out laughing. “Eldest Young Master Hill, did you hear that? Your wife isn’t concerned about you at all.”

“Aunty Campos, you should mind your own business. I bet you caught your husband cheating many times ever since the Campos family became rich.” Shaun threw Madam Campos an icy glance. Her smile stiffened, and she felt as if she had fallen into an icy lake.

“Stop playing. Let’s go.”

Shaun pulled Catherine up from the chair.

“Hey, Shaun, what are you doing?” Old Madam Hill, who was at another table, stood up in dissatisfaction. “We’ve just been playing for an hour.”

“Granny, is one hour not long enough? How much longer do you want her to play? Are you hoping that my children will learn bridge for their prenatal education?”

After he snapped at Old Madam Hill, he grabbed Catherine and went to the car.

Both of them sat in the backseat. Shaun’s face was full of sarcasm. “Mind your own business?”

“What else?”

Catherine yawned lazily. Her indifferent attitude made Shaun become filled with resentment. “I’m your man. You should place me first.”


Catherine nodded.

“What do you mean by ‘oh’? You never take my words to heart.” Shaun felt that his actions and words had no effect at all.

“What do you want me to do?” Catherine said annoyedly, “Nag at you every day? Whenever I say something, you would think that I don’t understand you. When I say something again, you would think that I’m misunderstanding your childhood sweetheart and accuse me of not trusting you. I have no idea what you’re trying to do here.”


Shaun could not find words to reply to Catherine.

He was filled with frustration.

When it became silent in the car, Catherine read a novel on her phone.

“There’s radiation from the phone. Don’t keep looking at it.” Shaun took her phone away.

Catherine simply looked out the window. She did not even have the energy to communicate with him.

“Babe, don’t be like this. If there’s anything that you’re unhappy with, just say it out. There’s no need to keep it inside your heart.” Shaun lowered his voice and tried to please her.

“I’m not unhappy. I’m living quite a fulfilled life,” Catherine replied to him lazily.


Shaun, who was completely shut out again, was aggrieved. “Didn’t you tell me to bring you along if I’m hanging out with Rodney and the others? I’m hanging out with them tonight at the clubhouse. Come along with me.”

“I’m not going.”

Why did she have to ruin her mood by meeting Sarah?

“Aren’t you worried that Sarah will be there too?”


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