Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 552

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“I’m not worried.” Catherine looked at Shaun with a smile. “Besides, having a physical affair doesn’t count as cheating.”


Did she mean that she would not mind even if he slept with Sarah?

No, it could not be. When he had accidentally hugged Sarah before, she was jealous for a long time.

“My dear, tonight’s gathering is mainly to welcome Chase. He’s here in Canberra,” Shaun said to please her, “You should go.”

Catherine was taken aback.

Chase came from the same hometown as her, and her relationship with Chase was pretty good.

“Okay. I haven’t seen him in a long time anyways.”

Shaun’s expression stiffened.

He never expected that there would come a day when he had to rely on Chase to invite her out.

D**n Chase, he could not possibly be contacting Catherine behind his back right?

Chase, who was away fishing at sea, sneezed. “Who misses me so much? Could it be Rin?”

He took his phone out and sent a Whatsapp message to Catherine immediately: [Rin, it’s been a while since we met. Do you want to meet up tonight?]

Shaun, who was holding Catherine’s phone, almost spat out blood due to anger when he saw that message appear on her screen.

Sure enough, that j**k did contact his wife behind his back.

8 p.m.

At a private clubhouse by a lake in Canberra.

Shaun circled Catherine’s waist and entered. Chase, Rodney, and Sarah were already sitting on the leather sofa, drinking and chatting.

When both of them came in, Chase immediately waved at them with a smile. “Hi, Rin. Did you miss me?”

Shaun shot him an icy glare. Chase instantly felt chilly as if he was at the South Pole.

Catherine smiled as she nodded. “Young Master Harrison, what brings you to Canberra?”

“There’s a business meeting.” Chase patted the seat beside him. “Sit here, Rin.”

Just as Chase finished speaking, Shaun had already sat on the seat that he patted on earlier. Catherine was pulled by Shaun to sit on another side.

Seeing that there was a big guy between Rin and him, the corners of Chase’s mouth twitched.

“Are you dissatisfied with me sitting here?” Shaun narrowed his eyes and raised his eyebrows.

“… Not at all.” Chase smiled sheepishly.

Sarah, who was sitting on the opposite side, concealed her darkened gaze. She smiled and said, “Shaunic, you’ve finally brought your wife out. Otherwise, I’m the only woman here every single time. It’s no fun.”

Catherine smiled vaguely and looked at Shaun. “No wonder you had so many social engagements at night. So you were with Sarah every time you went out.”

Shaun felt a tingling in his scalp. Just as he wanted to talk, Rodney said discontentedly, “Don’t be sarcastic. Chester and I are always present too. It’s not just Shaun and Sarah.”

“Tsk tsk, Ms. Neeson, you really make people envious of you. You’re surrounded by the three top noblemen of Australia, just like a princess.” Catherine smiled even brighter.

Rodney frowned. “Catherine, everyone’s having a nice time. Can you not start attacking others the moment you join in?”

“Rodney…” Shaun squinted his eyes to warn him.

“Did I say anything wrong?” Rodney harrumphed. “Sarah and the three of us have known each other ever since we were young. She only has a few friends like us left in Canberra. What’s wrong with asking her to hang out together?”

“There’s nothing wrong. I didn’t say anything like that.” Catherine shrugged with an innocent look. “Young Master Snow, you’re being unfair. You said that I’m attacking others with my words, but I remember it was Ms. Neeson who started this topic. She was the one who said that she’s the only woman here every single time. Otherwise, how would I have known that you guys invited her to hang out? What a deep relationship you guys have.”

Everyone was stunned. Shaun looked like he was deep in thought.


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