Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 554

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A trace of worry flashed across Chase’s eyes.

“My dear, have some fruits.” Shaun brought a fruit platter over.

The door of the private room opened again. Chester came in with his hand circled around a woman with a tall figure. The woman had long and straight black hair that rested on her shoulders. She was wearing a floral-striped off-shoulder shirt with puffy sleeves. She matched it with a white denim short skirt.

However, when Catherine got a clearer look at that woman’s face, she was speechless.


What a bad day.

That woman turned out to be Cindy, whom she had not met in a long time.

Ever since the Jones family fell apart, Catherine rarely met Cindy, but she often saw entertainment news related to her on the phone. It seemed like Cindy was becoming more famous. However, Catherine had no ties with Cindy, so she did not pay any attention to her. Surprisingly, Cindy was now hooking up with Chester.

Did the eyes of every one of Shaun’s friends get smudged with sh*t?

He did not want a good woman like Charity but chose Cindy who had a plastic face.

Shaun’s memory was not very good now, so he did not remember Cindy. However, Chase recognized her at first sight.

“Cathy, long time no see. I miss you very much.” Cindy’s eyes brightened when she saw Catherine. She happily went up to Catherine.

“Excuse me, but I’m not close with you.” Catherine raised her hand to signal her not to come any closer.

Chester frowned and asked Cindy, “You guys know each other?”

“We don’t just know each other. Cathy and I went to the same middle school and high school. Our relationship was quite good all along, but she rarely contacted me after she came to Canberra.” Cindy smiled awkwardly.

Chester raised his eyebrows. He had a thoughtful expression on his face.

He remembered that Catherine had only come to Canberra after Joel brought her back.

After listening to Cindy, could it be that Catherine had cut off contact with Cindy after finding success?

Catherine did not care about what Chester thought of her and said straightforwardly, “Don’t you have any f*cking clue as to why I’ve stopped contacting you?”

“That’s right.” Chase harrumphed. “I remember you. Back in Melbourne, you often mingled with a bunch of mediocre women like Janet Campbell. Oh yes, you even had someone drag Rin out of the restaurant when you guys were having a meal. Shaun, do you remember?”


How could he say out loud that he had forgotten so many things?

However, according to what Chase said, this woman was surely not good.

“Chester, why did you find a woman like this?” Shaun frowned. He did not hide the repulsion in his eyes.

Cindy’s face paled slightly, and her eyes glinted with tears from embarrassment. “Young Master Harrison, I tried to stop them back in Melbourne but I was merely a small singer at that time. Ms. Campbell and the others ignored me completely. Cathy, I know that you look down on me, but I’m not that powerful like you. I have to rely on myself most of the time and be very careful. I’ll be ruined if I offend someone.”

She held Chester’s hand while trembling. “Chester, you should know about my past.”

“Let bygones be bygones.” The corners of Chester’s mouth lifted into a mesmerizing smile as he patted the back of her hand. “Go and have a seat.”

“Chester, is this your new girlfriend? She’s very pretty.” At that moment, Sarah and Rodney returned.

Sarah went over to Cindy with a smile and held her hand. “It’s lively tonight as a few women have joined. Hey, why are you crying?”

“I’m fine…” Cindy lowered her head and wiped her tears hurriedly.