Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 557

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 557

When did Catherine even start to refuse to talk to him?

Shaun felt unease and fear in his heart.

“No wonder you didn’t join Rodney and the others even when they invited you out. I’m sorry, maybe I shouldn’t have gone that day. In the end, your friendship with Rodney and the others has become strained,” Sarah said guiltily.

“It’s not your fault. Cindy is the one to blame,” Shaun said coldly, “Were there no other women left? Why did Chester just have to hook up with this woman from the entertainment industry?”

“Chester has always been a playboy when it comes to dating. Maybe he’s just dating her for fun. He might break up with her after a while.” Sarah looked at the time. “Let’s start the treatment.”


Shaun stood up.

In the treatment room, Sarah played a song on her phone that had an old melody. The song was not in English and sounded ancient. Shaun had never heard it before. “Why are you playing a song today?”

“Yes, we’re changing to another treatment method. This is a Sanskrit song.”

Sarah took out an old coin. “Later, look at this coin seriously.”

Three minutes later.

Shaun heard a loud tinkling sound in his ears. It was as if he had instantly lost consciousness, and his black gaze looked blank.

After Sarah continuously asked a few questions and confirmed that he had really lost consciousness, she bent down and whispered in his ear, “Shaun, the person you love is Sarah. The person you love is Sarah. You hate Catherine the most…”

4 p.m.

At the hill behind the manor.

Catherine was carefully picking a bunch of flowers. Right then, Aunty Yasmine came over and advised her insistently, “Young Madam, you should go back to the villa. Eldest Young Master Hill was throwing a tantrum just now because you weren’t there.”

“Go back and let him get angry at me?” Catherine lowered her head to smell the flowers’ fragrance. “I’m not going back. We’ll always end up in a fight whenever I see Sarah. I don’t want it to affect my mood.”

“But if you’re this indifferent, aren’t you scared that Eldest Young Master Hill will be snatched away by Sarah?” Aunty Yasmine sighed. “Young Madam, I’ll be harsh with my words. If you two want to get divorced, no one in the Hill family will let you take the children away. You’re the one who’s having a hard time being pregnant with the children now. Can you bear seeing them call Sarah their mother in the future?”

“That’s right.” Elle nodded. “Never mind if Sarah treats the children kindly, but what if she mistreats them? Eldest Young Master Hill grew up while being abused when he was young too. Old Madam Hill is old. She can only handle so much.”

The calm in Catherine’s eyes gradually froze.

She would never let Sarah be the stepmother of her children.

A vicious woman like Sarah would definitely abuse them.

She had been exhausted these days, so she kept avoiding the problem. Aunty Yasmine and Elle had given her a reminder at that moment.

“Okay, I’ll go back.”

Hiding and not facing the problem would not work anyways.

She held her flowers and returned to the villa.

When she reached the door, she saw Shaun and Sarah walking out from inside.

“Sarah, let me send you back.” Shaun suddenly grabbed Sarah’s hand.

“Shaunic…” Sarah was stunned. She withdrew her hand immediately when she saw Catherine at the side. She said frantically, “Young Madam, don’t misunderstand.”

Catherine’s expression was awful. She saw Shaun grabbing Sarah’s hand with her own eyes just now. “Shaun, you—”

“Why did you come?” Shaun interrupted her and gave her an annoyed glance.


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