Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 559

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Shaun was no longer the old Shaun. He was in control of the Hill family. If he wanted to do anything in his way, he did not even have to listen to the two elderly.

Old Madam Hill’s expression was awkward. “What’s going on between the both of you? We realized that you two weren’t on speaking terms before. But we thought that you youngsters would make up shortly after a fight.”

Catherine felt a sweep of coldness in her chest.

She did not know either. Was Shaun fed up with her for not talking to him lately, so he wanted to get back together with Sarah?

She really did not expect Shaun to be so cruel.

“Don’t worry. We’ll tell him off. You should take care of the babies.” This was a rare moment when Old Master Hill was consoling someone so gently.

Catherine closed her eyes and did not say a word.

When the room became silent again, Aunty Yasmine brought a bowl of stew over and fed her. “Young Madam, you must have some stew. Even if you’re not hungry, the babies in your belly need to eat too.”

“Aunty Yasmine, I can’t let Sarah be their stepmother. I’d feel uneasy,” Catherine muttered.

“Don’t cry, Young Madam. To be honest, I think Eldest Young Master Hill still has you in his heart. Just this evening before Sarah came, he was looking everywhere for you. His words differ from his feelings, but I can see that he wants to make up with you. Not only that, he has always been at home at night lately. Last night, he was even loitering at your door.”

Aunty Yasmine said hesitantly, “Was it because you’ve ignored him for too long so now he’s trying to provoke you?”

“He wouldn’t use such a cruel method to provoke me unless his heart has really changed.” Catherine smiled bitterly and shook her head. “No, his heart has never changed. He has been in love with Sarah all along.”

“It’s not like that. Eldest Young Master Hill truly loves you.” Aunty Yasmine found it hard to explain it in words. “Why did Eldest Young Master Hill suddenly become this way? It’s very weird.”

Catherine was stunned for a moment. “Aunty Yasmine, are you sure that Shaun was looking for me before Sarah arrived?”

“I’m sure. He even said you were the one who suggested that Dr. Neeson came to the manor for his treatment, but you disappeared when it was time. He was blaming you for not accompanying him.”

Catherine was astonished.

Indeed, it seemed that Shaun had turned heartless all of a sudden.

She recalled that after Sarah met Jennifer last time, Jennifer passed away not long after.

Could it be that Sarah had messed with something again?

Catherine’s brows were knitted tightly in a frown.

She was slightly uncertain as well.

She lay on the bed for one whole night, but she could not sleep at all.

The next day, her body felt better. She woke up and asked around about Shaun’s whereabouts. When she found out that he had not returned for the whole night, her heart went cold.

He had left with Sarah yesterday. Did they spend the night together? Did something happen?

A nauseous feeling welled up in her.

She threw up heavily.

“Young Madam, have some water.” Aunty Yasmine patted her back, full of worries.

“I’m okay. Prepare the car. I’m going to his company,” Catherine said weakly.

Aunty Yasmine was anxious. “But you’re in this state…”

“I want to get some things straight,” Catherine said persistently.

“Arrange the car, then,” Elle said, “We cannot let Eldest Young Master Hill continue being like this.”

Aunty Yasmine sighed. She arranged a car to send Catherine to Hill Corporation.

When Catherine arrived, the receptionist recognized her immediately. A trace of sympathy flashed across her eyes. “Young Madam, the president… He’s not free right now.”


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