Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 560

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Catherine noticed the receptionist’s gaze. She said insistently, “I’m still going up even if he’s busy.”

She headed straight upstairs.

When she pushed the office door open, Shaun’s upset voice sounded from inside. “Who allowed you to come in without knocking—”

Before he finished his sentence, he stopped abruptly when he saw Catherine.

Catherine saw what was happening in the office. Sarah was sitting on Shaun’s lap. That scene was so disgusting that she wanted to throw up again even though she just did in the morning.

“Young Madam…” Sarah stood away from Shaun’s lap frantically. “I’m sorry…”

“Stop pretending, Sarah. Don’t you feel even an ounce of shame for seducing a married man?” Catherine could not hold it in anymore. She rushed over and raised her hand to slap Sarah across her face.

However, Shaun grabbed her wrist halfway.

He stared at her coldly. “Catherine, who do you think you are? How dare you hit Sarah? Get lost.”

He flung her arm away hard. If Elle had not held on to Catherine, she would have fallen to the ground.

“Eldest Young Master Hill, you can’t do this. Young Madam is pregnant,” Elle reminded him.

“She was the one who didn’t stay at the manor and came out,” Shaun said in annoyance.

Catherine showed a sorrowful smile. “Do you think I wanted to? My husband is accompanying another woman and hugging her. How could I sleep? Were you with her last night as well?”

Shaun averted his gaze and did not answer her. However, him remaining silent meant that he was tacitly agreeing.

At that instant, Catherine was enveloped by despair and sadness. Her face was as white as a sheet.

Shaun’s thin lips moved. For some reason, he felt an ache in his heart.

At that moment, Sarah suddenly said, “I’m sorry, Catherine. I wasn’t feeling well yesterday…”

“So you had someone else’s husband spend the night with you just because you weren’t feeling well? Ha, Sarah Langley Neeson, you’re obviously shameless. Can you stop acting innocent already?”

Catherine could not bear listening to another word. She took a deep breath, afraid that she might lose control. “Can you allow me to talk to my husband in private? If you’re brazen enough to remain here, then I can only call the reporters over. We can have a chat together.”

Anger flashed across Shaun’s eyes. “This is my private matter. What will they think of Sarah if you call the reporters here?”

Catherine laughed sarcastically.

His only concern was Sarah’s image. What about her? Could she be simply trampled on by him as he liked?

“Why are you laughing?” Shaun felt uncomfortable and irritated by her smile.

“Shaunic, stop fighting. I should leave.” Sarah picked up her bag beside her. She said, “The internet is advanced nowadays. If the reporters find out about this, people will surely criticize you with harsh words.”

“Sarah…” Shaun was slightly swayed. As expected, it was Sarah who was most concerned about him. “I’ll let the driver send you back.”

“Okay, I’ll be waiting for you.” After saying that affectionately, Sarah turned around and shot an icy glance at Catherine when her back was facing Shaun. She left smugly.

Catherine clenched her fists. She was afraid that she would not be able to control herself and strangle Sarah to d***h.

“Catherine, if you dare hurt Sarah, I’ll never let you off the hook.” Shaun saw her gaze and warned her, frowning.

Catherine moved her eyes away and looked at that handsome and refined but heartless face. He was clearly still the man she loved, but his gaze was so unfamiliar that it made her scared.

She was more willing to believe that Shaun had gotten hypnotized by Sarah rather than him having a change of heart and becoming cruel.

“Shaun, why did you change all of a sudden?”

She stared straight into the man’s eyes. Her eyes were red and swollen. “You clearly said that you only have me in your heart right now and that you’ve never thought of getting back together with Sarah. Were you lying to me all along?”

Shaun was taken aback. Had he said those words before?