Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 563

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Hadley let out a breath of relief. Luckily, Young Madam had not given up.

As the assistant of Australia’s wealthiest man, Hadley had some good connections too. He quickly found a doctor called Dr. Cooper in Australia. Although Dr. Cooper had retired for many years, he had extensive experience in psychological research.

That evening, Hadley accompanied Catherine to meet Dr. Cooper.

After Dr. Cooper heard about Shaun’s changes, he adjusted his reading glasses. He said, “When I had an exchange with the top psychologists from Country Y, I heard them mentioning an ancient hypnotic skill in Country Y that could tamper with a person’s feelings and memories. Your friend’s symptoms are quite similar to that.”

Catherine was shocked. She asked frantically, “Can it be cured?”

Dr. Cooper laughed bitterly. “I’ve already said that this hypnotic skill is very ancient. My psychologist friends in Country Y just said that based on hearsay. No one even knows how to do it. This evil skill has been banned in the psychological profession. Apparently, no one will even dare to attempt it under normal circumstances because controlling the human brain and emotions is an unpredictable matter. In the past, those who have attempted this hypnosis would change a perfectly normal person into a r****d eight out of ten times. Therefore, this skill was slowly forgotten.”

Catherine and Hadley were horrified.

They did not expect Sarah to be so cruel that she would use a hypnotic skill that has been banned on Shaun. He was the person she loved, for goodness sake.

It was lucky that Shaun was part of the percentile that did not become a r****d.

“Is there no chance at all?” Catherine asked, refusing to give up.

“That’s right, Mr. Cooper. Please think about it,” Hadley said hastily, “Although you’re retired, I know that you have the most knowledge about this out of all the psychologists in Australia.”

Dr. Cooper sighed. “I definitely can’t cure him, and there are only very few doctors who can cure this. Even if you find a doctor who can do it, I’ll advise you not to because the treatment process is even more dangerous. The chances of recovery are only one percent, so I’ve never heard of successful cases. I reckon that those who received the treatment are still retards.”


Catherine’s mind was blank, and it was as if her heart had stopped beating too.

The living room was in silence for a full minute.

Then, she heard her own hoarse voice. “So the best way is to let him continue being like this?”

“Yes, that’s what I mean.” Dr. Cooper took a sip of coffee.

Hadley asked worriedly, “What about later on? Will there be any after-effects?”

“Besides his emotions being controlled by someone else, there’s nothing much. It’ll be like he’s living in a dream.” Dr. Cooper glanced at Catherine sympathetically. “Only those who he loved before will be the unlucky ones.”


Catherine’s lips twitched.

She was not just unlucky. She was in a living h**l.

“Thank you, Dr. Cooper.”

She stood up and walked out of Dr. Cooper’s house soullessly.

Hadley went after her out of worry. “Young Madam…”

“Stop calling me ‘Young Madam’. Maybe I won’t be anymore very soon.” Catherine looked at the cars moving on the road, feeling at a loss.

It used to be a perfect marriage. She did not know why she was experiencing these things now.

Catherine did not understand what she had done wrong either.

“I never thought Sarah would become so scary. Eldest Young Master Hill and the rest must’ve not expected this either,” Hadley said worriedly.

“Hadley, we can’t do anything. If we treat Shaun by force, he’ll become a r****d. Just let him be, then. I quit.”

Even if he did not love her anymore, he would still be normal for the most part. It was just that his emotions were under the control of someone else. He was still the wealthiest man in Australia whom everyone respected.

“What about you?” Hadley truly pitied her.


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