Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 564

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“Me?” Catherine glanced down and touched her stomach. “Hadley, if you really care about Shaun, you have to help me. Sarah is willing to hurt even Shaun. If both of my children fall into her hands in the future, they’ll surely be tormented by her.”

“Don’t worry, Young Madam. As long as it’s for the good of Eldest Young Master Hill’s children, I’ll support you with all my might no matter what you choose to do—”

Hadley had not finished talking when Shaun called him. “Where did you go? It’s Sarah’s birthday today. Go to the clubhouse and decorate the place. I want to give her a surprise.”


“Did you hear what I said?” Shaun’s voice was stern.

“… Okay, I’ll go over immediately.” Hadley looked at Catherine in sympathy. “Young Madam—”

“Go to Shaun’s side and do whatever he asks you to do. Don’t expose yourself,” Catherine reminded him, “Find a chance to cooperate with me. Let Shaun and the Hill family members think that I had a m*********e. Only then can I leave.”

“You want to leave?” Hadley was surprised.

“Yes, that’s the only way my two children can survive.” Catherine’s eyes were filled with exhaustion.

Hadley nodded without hesitation.

He was greatly indebted to Eldest Young Master Hill. As long as he could help his children, he was willing to help in any way he could.

After Hadley left, the Hill family sent a car to bring Catherine back to the manor.

At night, as she lay on the empty big bed, she received a call from Wesley. “Catherine, what‘s happening between you and Shaun? I heard that you’re pregnant. How could he treat you this way?”

Catherine stayed silent for a moment and clenched the blanket. Then, she acted like nothing was wrong and laughed. “What did you hear?”

“I didn’t hear anything. I saw it with my own eyes.”

Wesley’s voice was filled with anger. “Shaun booked the entire clubhouse to celebrate Sarah’s birthday tonight. He had someone import fresh roses from overseas and hired Country F’s top Western cuisine chef. He even put fireworks at the seaside for two hours straight and gifted her a 500 million dollar luxury villa. Everyone in Canberra knows about it now.”

“… Is it?”

Catherine said those two words with a hoarse throat.

She thought she had come around and let go of certain things, but when she heard that Shaun was doting on Sarah so much, she felt immense pain as if there was a knife slicing through her flesh piece by piece.

She was about to go crazy from jealousy, but what could she do?

That man was hypnotized.

Of course, he had already treated Sarah well prior to getting hypnotized.

“Cathy, I should’ve stopped you no matter what back then. He said he loved you. But not much time has passed since then and he already had a change of heart!” Wesley was infuriated.

“Wesley, don’t say anymore. I’m tired. I want to rest.”

“Cathy, don’t be afraid. No matter what happens, I’ll always… Always be your friend. You can look for me for help. I’m doing quite well now. I’m no longer the old me who could be simply trampled on by Shaun,” Wesley said gently.

“Okay, thank you.”

After Catherine hung up, she did not sleep for the whole night.

The next day, she looked at her phone. All the trending searches were about Shaun. [Eldest Young Master Hill Is Having An Affair], [Eldest Young Master Hill Gifted A 500 Million Dollar Luxury Villa To His New Lover], [Eldest Young Master Hill Spent The Night With His New Lover In The Hotel] and [Eldest Young Master Hill’s New Lover’s Identity].

Catherine simply tapped into a few pictures and had a look. The picture of Shaun holding Sarah’s hand as they walked into the clubhouse was all around the internet. There was also a picture when they entered the hotel with their arms around each other and videos of the extravagant fireworks.


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