Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 566

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Sarah hissed in pain and forced out a smile. “I’m fine, it’s just a scratch.”

Thomas, who was at the side, immediately said, “Oh dear, how is that just a scratch? There was so much blood earlier. Eldest Young Master Hill, I have to say that you’re being really unfair to Sarah. I don’t know which hoodlum exposed the photos of you celebrating her birthday, but now, everyone on the internet is scolding my sister and calling her a third party. They’re even calling her a b*tch. In any case, they’re using all kinds of nasty words to talk about her. Some have even found her house address. It’s too dangerous for her.”

Shaun pondered for a moment and said, “In that case, move to a house under my name for now.”

“Yes.” Thomas’ eyes brightened. “I heard that you bought a villa by the sea a few years ago. Sarah loves living by the sea. Let’s go there.”

Shaun froze.

He did have a seaside villa, but… he used to live there with Catherine.

He was subconsciously reluctant.

“Brother…” Sarah glared at Thomas but quickly turned to Shaun. With a sweet look, she said, “Did you buy a seaside villa because you remembered me saying I liked living by the sea?”

Faced with the woman’s sparkling eyes, Shaun looked away and hummed.

“Then… Then I’ll move there,” Sarah bit her pale lip and said with a sweet smile.

Shaun was helpless and could only nod.

Thomas added, “But you can’t just go on like this. You can’t hide in Eldest Young Master Hill’s villa forever. You can’t go to work now as you get pointed at no matter where you go. You’ll have to wear the label of a mistress your entire life. This is too unfair to Sarah. The two of you clearly fell in love first. Why should she bear all the blame?”

“Brother, stop it. I’m already satisfied that I’ve reunited with Shaun.” Sarah’s eyes reddened. “I’m willing to hide in the shadows forever if it’s for him.”

Shaun stroked her head and felt a surge of guilt in his heart. “Don’t worry, I won’t let you hide in the shadows forever.”

A hint of darkness flashed in his eyes.

After leaving the hospital, he got into the car. “Go to Hill Manor.”

One hour later.

He walked into the manor.

The sun was shining brightly, and Catherine was sitting on a wooden chair under the grape trellis. She was reading. The warm sun shone on her milky white skin, making the scene look still and quiet like a painting.

For a few seconds, a strange feeling flashed in Shaun’s heart, but it was gone before he could catch it.

When he came back to his senses, he walked over with large strides.

Catherine raised her head upon hearing his footsteps. The man was wearing a pair of dark gray casual slacks with a blue business shirt on top. His sleeves were rolled up. His outstanding temperament could make any woman’s heart flutter, but it was a pity that his handsome eyes were currently filled with coldness and zero affection.

The coldness in his eyes was harsher than when they first met.

She told herself that she had to get used to the man’s coldness.

However, every time she faced it, her heart still ached.

The man she loved was treating her worse than a stranger now.

“Do you need something?” she asked, lowering her eyes as if to hide the sadness in them.

“You’re my wife. Do I need a reason to find you?” Shaun blurted out and was stunned at how he could say such words.

“So you still know that I’m your wife, huh? I thought you forgot about it long ago,” Catherine said mockingly.

Shaun became annoyed. “Don’t nag at me. I need you to do something. Issue a statement to the public saying that you and I divorced last month. As for our marriage, it was a contract marriage from the very start and we only took what we needed from each other.”

Catherine looked up at him in shock. Her beautiful black eyes showed her disbelief.


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