Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 567

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Shaun was uncomfortable by her gaze and could not stop himself from lighting up a cigarette. After taking a breath, he hardened his heart. “Did you hear me? I only married you because I was annoyed that the Hill family was rushing me to get married. You only married me because you mistook me for Ethan Lowe’s uncle.”

Catherine could not bear it anymore. “Yes, we only got married in the beginning because of a contract, but afterward, both of us willingly stayed in the relationship. I didn’t force you.”

“Shut up.” Shaun found her words piercing. “It’s because you seduced me again and again. Did you think I’d even take a second look at you otherwise?”

Although her heart was already riddled with holes, Catherine’s eyes still reddened in disappointment. “Shaun Hill, you’re horrible. In order to stop Sarah from being scolded by others, you won’t hesitate to make me lie and announce that we’re already divorced. The outside world will think that I came to you because of the Hill family’s money. Yes, Sarah’s name will be cleared, but what about mine? I’ll be cursed to my grave. Have you ever considered my feelings?”

“Why should I consider your feelings? I don’t like you.”

Shaun frowned indifferently, his words growing colder and colder.

Catherine finally let out a laugh, all her tears welling up.

She did not know if it was because Sarah’s hypnosis was too powerful or if Shaun had never forgotten about Sarah in the first place.

Shaun found her laugh uncomfortable. “Did you hear what I said?”

“It’s one thing that you cheated on your wife, but now, you also want me to compromise to protect Sarah’s and your reputations? Dream on. The people on the internet aren’t wrong. Sarah is the third party.”

Catherine could not hold back and yelled at him.

“Shut up!”

Shaun slapped her mercilessly across the face.

She froze and covered her face, large tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Catherine Jones, I’m warning you, don’t let me hear you insult Sarah again.” Shaun narrowed his eyes and warned word by word. “I advise you to do as I say, or I’ll tell Doctor Angelo to stop treating Joel Yule’s illness.”

“Shaun, you b*stard.” Catherine was forced to the edge and cried in despair.

“I mean it.” For some reason, Shaun did not want to see her crying appearance and turned to leave.

“Shaun Hill, I can handle all these matters myself,” Catherine suddenly said, “As long as you divorce me, I’ll take the children away and won’t have anything to do with you in the future.”

“Dream on. The children are mine. Catherine Jones, you’ll never be qualified to bargain with me. When you’re done thinking about it, I’ll let Doctor Angelo treat your father.”

Shaun finished and walked away without looking back.

Catherine looked at his ruthless figure that seemed to be shrouded in darkness.

In less than 20 minutes, she received a phone call from Doctor Angelo saying he could not treat Joel anymore.

If no one treated Joel, Nicola Wicks and her daughter would not care about him either. The Yule family was led by Damien Yule now. Joel would d*e in no time.

She had no choice and could only post the announcement on Facebook. [I sincerely wish that Shaun Hill can find his love. Now that things have come to this point, I have to tell everyone the truth. Shaun Hill and I divorced last month. We only married because Shaun was forced to by his family, and we each took what we needed in our marriage. There were no feelings involved. Ms. Neeson is Shaun’s childhood sweetheart who was separated from him because of various misunderstandings. She’s not a mistress. I sincerely wish the two of them the best.]

After the post was uploaded…

Many netizens scolded her on her profile.

[What do you mean you each took what you both needed? Shaun Hill must have given you a lot of money then!]

[What the f*ck, I actually believed in your relationship before. I feel like a fool now.]

[How much money did you receive?]


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