Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 569

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Thomas snorted. “I had someone follow her for several days now. If I don’t deal with her, my name isn’t Thomas Neeson.”

Sarah raised her brows. If it were anyone else, she would not care.

However, she also disliked Freya Lynch.

“In that case, have fun. Just don’t k**l her.”

“Don’t worry. I know what I’m doing.”

9:00 p.m.

After Catherine took a shower, Freya sent her a message inviting her to play games together.

She knew that Freya was afraid of her being alone with her thoughts, so she gladly agreed.

The two of them turned on their device’s audio functions and played a few games together. Freya yelled from the other end, “Hurry up and support me. I’m surrounded! I can’t get out.”

“Wait for me…”

Catherine clicked on the map and suddenly heard Freya mutter, “Who’s knocking on the door so late at night? … What do you guys want? I’ll call the cops…”


Suddenly, there were loud sounds of movement on the other line.

Then, it was silent.

Catherine hurriedly dialed Freya’s phone number but the call could not get through.

A bad feeling loomed over her. The manor was at least an hour’s drive away from Freya’s house. It was too late for her to rush over there now, and she did not know many people here.

After thinking about it, she hurriedly called Wesley. “Wesley, I think someone broke into Freya’s house. Could you hurry there and help me have a look? I’m scared something has happened to her. I’ll send you the address and come over immediately as well.”

“Okay, I’ll go there now.”

After hanging up, Catherine called the police and immediately drove the car to the gate.

The security guard at the gate did not let her go. However, as she was too anxious, she crashed right into it.

The gate was still standing strong and could not be knocked down, but the guard was frightened and quickly opened the gate for her. After letting her go, the guard called the housekeeper.

Catherine sped all the way there. What was supposed to be an hour’s drive was reduced to 40 minutes and she finally reached Freya’s apartment.

When she ran up, the door of the apartment had already been forced open.

The living room was a mess and there were sounds of a fight coming from the bedroom.

She rushed in. Freya was lying on the bed, her eyes dazed. The clothes on her upper body were tattered while her face and body were bruised.

Wesley was fighting against three men alone, two of whom were tall and clearly gangsters. Wesley was already injured in many places.

The third person was none other than Thomas Neeson. He took advantage of Wesley being occupied with the others and immediately pounced on Freya, tearing her clothes again.

“You b*stard!”

This scene ruthlessly pierced Catherine’s eyes.

She recklessly grabbed the trash can on the side and smashed it on Thomas.

Thomas flew into a rage and flung her away.

“Watch out…” Wesley hurriedly rushed over and caught her.

However, the two gangsters behind him saw this and immediately stabbed him in the shoulder with a knife.

“Wesley…” Catherine was shocked and held him in a panic.

“It’s okay, it’s just… a small injury.” Wesley’s handsome face turned white, but he still forced himself to comfort her.

Catherine’s heart trembled as her eyes welled up with tears.


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