Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 571

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Shaun did not understand why, but his heart felt uncomfortable when he heard those words.

“Come back with me.” Shaun looked at her, his tone low as if it was an order.

Catherine did not budge and could not be bothered to look at him. Just hearing his voice made her blood boil in anger.

“Did you hear what I said? You’re pregnant now. You can’t stay here like this.” Shaun pulled her up.

However, Catherine pushed him away and smiled sadly. “Do you think I want to stay here like this? Two of my friends are still unconscious. Do you think I’ll be in the mood to go back and sleep? Of course, a person like you who has no heart unless it’s for Sarah Neeson won’t understand.”

Shaun looked at her pale face and hesitated before taking off his coat and putting it on her.

Her eyelashes moved in surprise, but then, she heard him say, “Don’t freeze my child.”

The light in her eyes dimmed again.

She smiled mockingly to herself. What was she expecting at this point?

Not long after she sat down, his phone rang.

She glanced at it and saw the name ‘Sarah’ flashing on the screen when he pulled out his phone.

He got up and walked to the side to pick it up.

In the quiet corridor, she could hear Sarah’s intermittent cries even though it was late at night.

At that moment, the lights in the operating room went out.

The doctor then pushed Wesley out. Wesley was still awake, and the moment he saw her, he smiled at her weakly. “You must be tired. Go back and rest. I’m fine…”


He just finished surgery, and he was ‘fine’?

Catherine’s eyes reddened.

Shaun, who just got off the phone, turned and saw the scene of Wesley and her looking at each other. His brows knitted together subconsciously. “You were waiting for him to get out of surgery?”

“If he hadn’t rushed over earlier to save Freya, Freya would’ve been ruined by the time I went over.”

Catherine glanced at him coldly. “He was stabbed in the arm by Thomas’s men. Previously, he was stabbed in the abdomen by Hugh and lost a kidney all because of Thomas as well. This time, I’ll make sure he gets sent to jail and rots there forever.”

Shaun rubbed his eyebrows. He did not expect Thomas to do such a thing. To be honest, he was also furious, but when he saw Catherine getting angry on behalf of Wesley, he found it irritating. “Catherine Jones, do you feel sorry for him?”

“All I know is that if it weren’t for him, Freya would’ve been ruined today. If it weren’t for him, I’d be d**d already.”

Catherine stared at him with hatred in her eyes. “If you dare to go to court for Thomas again this time, I’ll see you in court.


Her determined gaze made Shaun’s mood worse, and he glared back at her fiercely. “Suit yourself.”

He then turned and said to Hadley, “Stay here and watch her.”

After that, he left without looking back.

Catherine watched until his silhouette disappeared.

She was confused. What did he mean?

Was he really going to defend Thomas no matter what?

If she went against Shaun, she would not win even if she hired the best lawyer.

“Cathy.” Wesley’s gentle voice suddenly sounded beside her.

She turned around, and Wesley smiled weakly at her. “Go after him.”


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