Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 572

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“No need.”

Catherine shook her head. What would be the point? At this time, Shaun must either be going to the police station or find Sarah.

In fact, she guessed correctly.

Twenty minutes later, Shaun showed up at the police station. Sarah had been waiting there for a long time, and her eyes were red with tears.

“Shaunic…” Sarah immediately threw herself into his arms when she saw him and choked. “I’m sorry for the trouble my brother has caused again. I didn’t expect him to be so disappointing.”

“It’s because I’ve always had his back. That’s why he became more and more unscrupulous, right?” Shaun’s handsome face was full of anger. “He even dared to break into someone’s home and stab and d**g her. Does he think he’s the boss of Canberra? Why doesn’t he bring a gun and rob a bank, then?”

Sarah hurriedly explained, “He really likes Freya Lynch. It’s fine if Freya doesn’t like him, but she insulted him again and again. With his temper…”

“So? He’s not at fault?” Shaun said furiously.

“That’s not it…” Sarah did not expect him to lose his temper. Knowing that he was really angry, her tears fell even harder as she said pitifully, “That’s not what I mean. He is wrong, and I’m also very disappointed. It’s all my fault…”

“Alright, it has nothing to do with you. Thomas brought this upon himself.” Shaun patted her back gently.

“Shaunic, I asked the police. They said they’ve already filed a case. If the other party decides to go deeper into it, he might have to go to jail for ten years.”

Sarah pleaded with tears rolling down her cheeks. “I only have one brother. My parents are gone. If he goes to jail, then I’ll lose my only family.”

“But you still have me,” Shaun said softly. He really did not want to save Thomas this time.

“That’s different. He’s the only one that I still have blood ties with.” Sarah wept bitterly on his chest.

Shaun stroked her back, his eyes flashing with an unfathomable glint.

Seeing that he was hesitant to answer for a while, Sarah bit her lip and smiled bitterly. “Forget it, I don’t want to make things hard on you. I’ll think of a way myself.”

“What are you thinking of?” Shaun asked helplessly.

“I’ll beg Ms. Lynch for forgiveness. As long as she forgives my brother, I’ll agree to anything she says. I can even kneel before her.”

Sarah got out of his embrace. “I’m going to the hospital now.”

However, Shaun stopped her. “Freya Lynch isn’t even awake yet. There’s no point going.”

“Then… Then I’ll wait there until she wakes up. It’ll show my sincerity. I’ll also pay all her medical expenses.” Sarah pushed him away stubbornly. “Shaunic, I have to go. My brother is in the wrong here.”

Without waiting for his answer, she rushed out of the police station.

As such, Shaun could only follow helplessly.

Catherine went back to Freya’s ward after she sorted Wesley out.

Freya was having a nightmare.

She tossed her head in panic and chanted, “No, don’t hit me. It hurts.”

“Freya, it’s okay. I’m here.” Catherine held her hand quickly as tears fell down her face.

Since Freya was young, the Lynch family raised her like a princess, and she had never been beaten before.

Yet now, even a dream could make her so afraid. It was clear she had suffered too much abuse before she fell into a coma.


In a daze, Freya opened her frightened eyes and stared at her blankly. “Am I dreaming?”

“No, you’re not dreaming. You’re fine now. Thomas didn’t succeed. You’re still a perfectly innocent young lady.” Catherine hugged her and choked back a sob. “Fortunately, Wesley arrived in time.”