Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 575

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“Cathy, no.” Freya raised her head and looked at Catherine pleadingly. “I don’t want to make a fuss about it and let everyone know…”

“Freya, stop it. You’re braver than that.”

Catherine glared at Shaun. “Say it. If you can do it, then why can’t you say it?”

Irritated, Shaun loosened his tie. “Catherine Jones, if you continue to pursue this matter, I will stop Doctor Angelo from curing your father’s illness.”

Catherine felt thunder rumbling in her brains.

She looked at Freya. “Did he use that to threaten you?”

Freya said bitterly, “Cathy, you only have one father. I don’t want you to lose him.”

“Yes, you guys all know how important my dad is to me because I only have one. That’s why you threaten me with my dad again and again.” Catherine looked at Shaun coldly. “Last time, it was for Sarah’s reputation that I declared we’re divorced, and people on the Internet are still criticizing me even till this day. Now, you’re threatening me to let go of that scumbag.”

Shaun bit his thin lips silently.

Catherine lost her patience and rushed up to shove him. “Shaun Hill, why are you so ruthless to me? Are you a human? For Sarah, you’ve hurt the people around me and I again and again. Meeting you was a huge mistake.”

She could no longer hold back her tears anymore as she crouched down.

Shaun felt a lump in his throat. For some reason, his heart felt like it was being crushed by a hand, making it difficult for him to breathe.

“Cathy, don’t cry.” Freya attempted to get up and comfort her. However, as soon as she moved, she fell off the bed.

“Freya, don’t move.” Catherine hurriedly helped her back up.

“Listen to me, and just settle it. Don’t pursue it. In any case… I wasn’t violated.” Freya held her hand and forced a smile.

“No.” Catherine shook her head. “If Thomas Neeson isn’t sentenced this time, he’ll overstep the line more the next time. I don’t want you to compromise for me. I want him to go to jail.”

She glared at Shaun with gritted teeth. “Fine. Tell Doctor Angelo to leave. At most, my dad’s illness won’t be treated.”

“Catherine Jones, why do you have to force my hand?” Shaun’s expression did not look pleasant.

Catherine barked out a laugh. “Who’s the one forced here?”

“Eldest Young Master Hill, Cathy isn’t the victim. She can’t decide for me,” Freya hurriedly said. “I said I won’t pursue the matter, so I won’t. This is final.”


“Don’t say it.” Freya’s gaze was filled with determination. “We’re friends. Even if you were the victim, you’d do the same as well.”

Catherine’s eyes immediately reddened.

Her relationship was a mess, but fortunately, she had a friend who would not abandon her.

The one who hurt her friend just had to be the man she loved very much.

Catherine stood up and lifted her head stubbornly. “Even if Freya agrees, there’s another victim. He won’t…”

“I agree to the settlement.”

Wesley’s voice suddenly sounded from the door.

She turned around to see Wesley supported by an assistant. His arm was still in a splint.

Every step he took was so painful that his face was now paler. “Continue to treat her father. This matter is settled.”

“Wesley…” Catherine bit her lip, but tears were still flowing down her cheeks.

Wesley did not look at her. Instead, he looked at Shaun with coldness and hatred. “You don’t know how to cherish this woman, hurting her time and time again. Shaun Hill, if you’re still a man, then divorce her. Stop hurting her for another woman. She’s already covered in scars because of you.”