Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 576

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Shaun glanced at the teary-eyed Catherine, and then at Wesley, who was protecting her. A burst of anger rose in his heart. “It’s my business whether or not I divorce her. Since she shamelessly seduced me in the beginning, this is all her own doing.”

“Who seduced you? It was you who snatched her away from me by hook or by crook. She was my fiance.” Wesley was furious.

“So what if she was your fiance?”

Shaun smiled with a hint of coldness in his eyes, which he did not realize. “She still willingly slept with me. Even now, she’s still pestering and clinging on to me.”

Catherine could not take it anymore. “Who’s pestering you? As long as you’re willing to divorce me, I’ll leave right away.”

“What? Did you think that seducing me was useless and decided to have Lyons as your backup plan?”

Shaun pinched her chin cruelly. “Catherine Jones, I’ll never allow the children in your belly to call someone else their father. Even if you want a divorce, you’ll have to give birth to the children first. It’ll be just in time for you to make way for Sarah.”

His words were like knives stabbing into Catherine’s heart again and again.

It was so painful that it hurt to breathe.

“Since you like Sarah so much, why not have her give birth to your children? Go and have a baby that belongs to both of you. Why do you have to take mine away?”

She pleaded tearfully. “Shaun, I’m begging you. Let go of the children and I, okay?”

Shaun’s eyes flashed. Then, he turned his cold and handsome face away. “No, giving birth is painful. I can’t bear for Sarah to experience it. All she has to do is be Mrs. Hill and be pampered by me.”

“Shaun Hill, you b*stard. You’re not human.”

Catherine could not bear to listen to him anymore.

Sarah was afraid of pain, so the pain of bearing a child was pushed onto Catherine instead.

Was he still human?

At that moment, she rushed out to beat and bite him like a beast. It was as if she had forgotten that she was pregnant.


Caught off guard, Shaun got bitten on his arm. However, he tried his best to hold back from kicking her away.

“Someone come here and grab her.”

Several bodyguards rushed in at Shaun’s shout. In just a few seconds, they pinned Catherine down.

“Shaun Hill, what are you doing? Let go of her.” Wesley endured the pain of his injuries and went forward. Despite that, he was quickly pushed aside by one of the bodyguards. It hurt him so much that he could not move.

“Shaun Hill, you can come at me, but don’t hurt innocent people.” Catherine’s anxious gaze was filled with hatred.

“Don’t worry. I won’t cripple him, but to avoid him from making me a cuckold while you’re pregnant, you’re not allowed to go anywhere in the future.”

Shaun’s handsome face turned grimmer when he saw how worried she was for Wesley. After that, he forcibly picked her up and left the room.

“Let me go.”

No matter how hard Catherine hit him along the way and clawed a few scratches on his handsome face, it was useless.

Once they were in the car, Shaun tied her up with a rope.

“Shaun Hill, why are you doing this to me? Let me go.”

Catherine struggled frantically, but Shaun turned a blind eye.

The car took her straight to New Metropolis Park.

He carried her to the bedroom and warned her with a grim face, “Since you won’t stay in the manor, then you’ll stay here from now on. You’re not allowed to go anywhere without my permission. Just stay here like a good girl until the children are born.”


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