Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 578

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Catherine was kept in that two-story house every day with nowhere she could go. It was extremely boring. She could only watch television or get some fresh air on the balcony.

Sometimes when she looked down the balcony, she really had the urge to jump. However, at the thought of the babies in her belly, she decided to tough it out.

She persisted for a week.

Hadley picked her up to send her to the hospital for a maternity check-up.

“Where’s Shaun?” Catherine asked.

Hadley was awkwardly silent.

Catherine laughed. “I know. He must be with Sarah. There’s nothing more important than Sarah.”

“Young Madam, don’t be like that.” Hadley’s eyes were full of sympathy. “I’ll accompany you to the hospital.”

Catherine was about to say something, but when she saw the two unfamiliar bodyguards, she stopped.

Along the way to the hospital, Hadley drove while she sat in the backseat. Hadley said, “These days, I’ve been particularly attentive to Sarah Neeson. Only with that has Eldest Young Master started to believe that I’m completely loyal to him.”

“It must be hard for you.” Catherine did not expect that Shaun would be cautious of Hadley.

“It might’ve been because I put in a word for you in front of Eldest Young Master before, so he didn’t trust me as much,” Hadley said in a low voice. “You previously asked me to help you arrange for someone to fake a m*********e for you…”

“It’s impossible now. Shaun said that if any harm comes to his children, he won’t spare Freya and my dad. I’m particularly worried about Freya now.”

Catherine said, “Thomas Neeson will definitely up his revenge on Freya, but she won’t leave Canberra if she can’t contact me. Can you send a message for her to leave the country immediately?”

“Of course, but you…”

“Help me contact someone. Liam Hill,” Catherine suddenly said.

Hadley was shocked. “Will Second Young Master help you?”

“I’m not sure, but in the whole of Canberra, only both of you can help me escape.”

Catherine never expected that she would seek Liam’s help one day.

Although he harmed her time and time again, she had a feeling that Liam would help her. She could feel the apology in his eyes every time he faced her…


When the car drove past the lively and bustling intersection, the big screen on the side of a mall was broadcasting Melanie and Charlie’s wedding.

She stared at the screen. Melanie looked as beautiful as a princess.

She originally planned to expose Melanie’s identity today.

Unfortunately, she was under house arrest.

Hadley sighed. “Now that the Campos and Yule families are joined by marriage, Melanie Yule’s value has skyrocketed. Not only is she the vice president of Yule Corporation, but she’s also Charlie Campos’s wife. The Campos and Yule families have collaborated on a big project. Now, Charlie’s value is almost as high as Eldest Young Master’s.”

Catherine closed her eyes and held back the hatred under her eyes.

Melanie Yule was not Joel’s daughter at all, yet she inherited everything from Joel, all of which should be Catherine’s.

As for Catherine, she was now a street rat.

Melanie Yule, Nicola Wicks.

Just they wait.

As long as she was still breathing, she would expose their true colors to the world.

They arrived at Jewell’s private hospital.

Catherine was watched by several bodyguards as she went upstairs for her maternity check-up.

Along the way, she saw Cindy Turner, who was wearing a yellow butterfly dress that revealed half her calves. She held a jacquard embroidered bag in her hand, and a ten-carat diamond necklace hung from her neck.

Catherine used to be considered a fashionista, so she could tell at a glance that the dress was worth a lot of money. It was most likely part of the unlisted summer collection whose price could be as high as eight-figures.

The previous Cindy Turner would definitely not have the money, but things were different since she got with Chester.

“Cathy, what a coincidence! Here we meet again. I just finished recording a program today and came here to look for Chester.” Cindy looked up and raised the diamond ring on her finger with a smile. “Does it look good? Chester gave it to me.”

“It looks good, but Young Master Jewell is a famous playboy. Every woman he slept with must have at least ten or twenty of those,” Catherine said faintly. “He should have sent a lot of women that kind of ring before.”

Cindy’s lips froze before she mocked. “Everyone has exes. It’s still far better than a certain pitiful person whose husband cheated on her during their marriage. Sigh, I used to envy you, but it did not take long for Eldest Young Master to abandon you. Now, he brings Sarah with him wherever he goes…”