Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 579

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Cindy paused and glanced at Catherine. “Did you know? Now, every time Chester brings me out to a gathering, Sarah is always there with Eldest Young Master. I won’t mention how intimate they are, but he’ll always spend the night at Sarah’s place after the gathering.”

“Ms. Turner…” Hadley warned.

“Mr. Young, I’m telling the truth. Weren’t you there as well?” Cindy blinked her big eyes and pouted. “I even saw a lot of hickeys on Sarah’s neck the last time. Tsk tsk.”

Catherine’s face was cold. “Is that so? That’s good. He’s just a piece of garbage that I don’t want. I think he’s quite suitable for two-faced b*tches like you.”

“Come on, stop acting. I know you’re pretty sad.” Cindy took out a mirror and applied red lipstick on her lips. “By the way, Sarah invited me to go to her seaside villa a few days ago. It’s the most expensive piece of coastal land in Canberra. You can see the blue sea as soon as you push open the bedroom door.”

Catherine’s face finally sank.

She, of course, remembered the seaside villa.

It was the house that Shaun and she once lived in, where she had accompanied Shaun to recuperate there and made it her home. It was also where they made a lot of their vows and even conceived their children.

Yet now, he gave it to Sarah?

How ruthless could a man get?

He really was… heartless.

Seeing her in a daze, Cindy laughed. She came closer to Catherine and lowered her voice. “Freya Lynch and you were once proud young ladies. Who would’ve thought that Freya would be violated and ruined of her reputation, and as for you? Your husband dumped you. Tsk, times really have changed.”

“What did you say?” Catherine suddenly looked up and stared at her with wide eyes. “Freya…”

“That’s right. All the media are reporting it these days. The precious daughter of the Lynch family from Melbourne has been defiled. Haha, everyone says that she deserves it because she deliberately seduced Thomas Neeson. Who would want her in the future? Even I can’t bear to look at the two of you anymore.” Cindy looked at her smugly and then turned away.

Catherine was dumbfounded.

She had never thought that Freya’s incident would be exposed.

Even if she was not violated, the media would spread it as if she was. After all, that was the media.

News like this was a huge blow to a woman.

She could not believe it.

She whirled around to look at Hadley. “Is Freya’s incident really on the news?”

Hadley hesitated, but in the end, he bowed his head bitterly. “Yes.”

“How did that happen? She’s the victim, but everyone is criticizing her for seducing Thomas Neeson,” Catherine yelled at him uncontrollably. “She’s the victim. Doesn’t the media have any conscience?”

“I’m sorry. I don’t know how this matter was spread to the media either. They later went to interview Thomas, and he said that Ms. Lynch took the initiative to seduce him. But since Ms. Lynch did not pursue the matter, everyone thought she was guilty,” Hadley explained helplessly.

“Give me the phone. I want to see the news.” Catherine snatched the phone in his hand.

The bodyguard on the side immediately pulled her away. “Ms. Jones, please hurry in for the checkup.”

“No, I want to contact Freya,” Catherine screamed and struggled in resistance.

However, the bodyguards ignored her and forcibly sent her to the ultrasound room.

No matter how much she made a fuss, no one paid any attention to her.

After the examination was over, she was once again sent back to the cold penthouse at New Metropolis Park.


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