Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 580

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Catherine trashed everything in the house, frightening the new nanny.

It was not until evening that Shaun finally set foot in there.

He looked at the wrecked house, but before he could react, a knife came at him.

He ducked backward and grabbed Catherine’s wrist, taking the knife and throwing it to the side. He turned to her and stared at the long-haired and ferocious woman in front of him. “You’re trying to k**l me?”

“I was wrong. I’d rather you become a fool, and you’d still be better than you are now.” Catherine looked at him with hatred. “Why are you alive? A psychopath like you should have been locked up in the first place. I was delusional to think that I could cure you myself. Haha, I must be insane.”

“Shut up. I think you’re the psychopath here.” Shaun dragged her to the bathroom and pressed her head toward the mirror. “Look at you now. What’s the difference between you and a lunatic?”

“I’m insane. I’ve been driven to insanity by you.” Catherine’s face was streaked with tears. “Shaun, why are you doing this to my friend? You know that Freya was the victim. I can let go of the fact that you saved Thomas, but why did he have to discredit Freya’s name when he came out? Do you know how important reputation is to a girl? Are all other women except Sarah worthless in your eyes?”

The vein on Shaun’s temples bulged. “Are you done? The reporters aren’t wrong. It was your friend who seduced Thomas.”

“What did you say?” Catherine stared at him, wide-eyed, as if she was just told an incredulous story.

“It was Freya Lynch who added Thomas’s WhatsApp and tried every means to seduce him. After she hooked up with him, she learned that his reputation was bad, so she wanted to get away from him. Nothing in this world comes without a price.”

“Who told you that? Sarah? Do you believe everything she says?”

Shaun snorted and said contemptuously, “Who would I believe if I don’t believe Sarah? You? Freya Lynch and you are the same kinds of people. Birds of a feather flock together. The Lynch family has influence in Melbourne, but they’re worthless in Canberra. She’d, of course, want to marry Thomas. He’s influential here.”

Catherine’s clean face turned as pale as a sheet of paper.

She looked at his delicate thin lips, which she had kissed countless times before.

So much so that she had forgotten that the thinner those lips were, the colder and more ruthless the man was.

Who would he believe if not Sarah?

Everything Sarah said was right. There was never the need to investigate and never the need to doubt.

Catherine was in so much pain that she did not know what to say.

All that came out of her throat was a series of heartbreaking wails.

She could not move because he was holding her down.

At that moment, Shaun felt that the woman beneath him had suddenly gone crazy.

She was like a broken little beast.

As he got lost in thought for a few seconds, his hand loosened.

Catherine broke free and grabbed a bottle of lotion on the washstand before smashing it over his head.

Fresh blood immediately dripped from his forehead.

Shaun went mad, and he reached out to push her away.

Catherine hit the wall at once, and blood flowed down her t****s. She slowly slid down the wall while she held her belly and cried in pain, unable to speak.

Shaun was frightened back to his senses. Ignoring the injury on his head, he hurriedly picked her up and rushed out of the room.

For the twenty-minute drive, Catherine was so numbed by the pain that she could not speak at all. However, she just grabbed onto the hem of her blood-stained skirt.