Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 581

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Bursts of pain hit Catherine in the stomach.

She thought to herself sadly, how Shaun and she once looked forward to having children. Since they both came from unfortunate backgrounds, they wished that the children could give them a complete family.

She once thanked God for giving her twins.

However, later, she worried every day about how she could protect her children as a mother.

What would it take to keep them from being hurt by Sarah?

It was good that they were gone.

At least they would not suffer.

Perhaps this was a relief.

“Catherine Jones, you better hang on. Nothing must happen to the kids.” Shaun picked her up and rushed into the hospital. The woman in his arms was three months pregnant, yet she was light as a feather. It was as if she could float away at any time.

His heart felt like something was clenching it.

He could not tell what it was, but it felt like fear and that he was losing his most beloved thing.

However, Catherine slowly closed her tired eyes as if she did not hear him.

Soon, Catherine was sent to the ER.

Shaun paced about outside the door with blood streaming down his forehead.

Hadley looked uneasy. “Eldest Young Master, why don’t you bandage your forehead first?”

“I’m not in the mood.” Shaun’s blood-stained hands were shaking non-stop. He radiated a cold and ruthless presence.

It did not take long before the operating room door opened.

The doctor came out. “Eldest Young Master, the patient’s two children can’t be saved. You must sign this immediately for her to do an a******n. Otherwise, even the mother’s life will be in danger.”

“What did you say? The children can’t be saved? You useless thing. How did you become a doctor?” Shaun grabbed the doctor’s collar angrily, his eyes red.

Those were his children. If not for this moment, he would have no idea how much he cared about those two children.

“Eldest Young Master, it really can’t be helped. It’ll be the same with any doctor,” the doctor explained fearfully. “The Young Madam’s fetus was already very unstable when she was one month pregnant, and she has not been in a good mood these days either with all the trauma. There were already signs of m*********e before, and she was carrying twins. I’ve really tried my best.”


His twins were gone.

He had pushed them with his own hands.

Shaun weakly let go of the doctor. His handsome face looked disheveled in the pale light. He had already lost a lot of blood, and at that moment, he felt a sudden pang of dizziness that hurt his head a lot.

“Shaunic, you’ve lost so much blood.” Sarah suddenly ran over and hurriedly held him up. “I’ll bandage it up for you.”

Shaun instinctively wanted to refuse, but Sarah’s words were like hypnosis. His mind went blank, and he subconsciously followed her.

The doctor said anxiously, “No, Eldest Young Master. This…”

“Hadley, I’ll leave this to you.” Sarah quickly pulled Shaun into the medical room.

With a frown, Hadley quickly signed the doctor’s papers. “You don’t have to say it. Saving her is more important.”

“Of course.”

The doctor rushed back into the ER to save Catherine.

Catherine’s eyes were so painful that she could not open them.

However, she was not completely unconscious.

Her ears could pick up the doctors’ discussion. “I heard the Eldest Young Master found a new love, but I didn’t believe it. I’m shocked.”

“Yes, it’s so sad. His wife is in danger, but he didn’t even sign the papers. He doesn’t care if his wife lives or dies.”


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