Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 584

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Catherine knocked on the door for a long time, but no one opened it.

Later, she got so tired that she lay on the hospital bed, curling herself into a tight ball.

The weather was hot, and there was no fan or air conditioner inside.

Soon, she collapsed in the heat.

While she was unconscious, someone came in to give her an injection.

She used all her energy to stop them.

However, the men had pressed her tightly on the bed.

A syringe was forced into her skin.

Hot tears rolled down the corners of her eyes.

For just a moment, she felt dizzy.

She felt that she was really going crazy.

She hated it so much.

What did she do wrong in her past life to make her fall in love with Shaun Hill, the devil?

Ha. She once wanted to stay behind and accompany Shaun with his recovery so he would not be sent to a mental hospital.

Haha, he did not go there, but he did send her there instead.

‘Shaun Hill. Sarah Neeson.’

‘Even if I become a ghost, I’ll never let you go’.

Late at night.

In a clubhouse.

Shaun was sitting on a leather sofa with a glass of red wine in his hand.

He was wearing a black striped shirt with the top few buttons undone. It made his deep and handsome face look charmingly dangerous.

Sarah, who was singing with Cindy, silently looked back at him.

Her lips curled into a smile. From this moment onward, this man belonged to her and hers alone.

Then, the door slammed open with a bam.

Chase rushed in with anger in his eyes. “Shaun, how could you lock Rin up like a mental patient? Are you trying to drive her crazy?”

“Chase, you don’t understand. Catherine really is crazy.” Rodney stood up lazily and put his hand around Chase’s shoulder.

However, Chase flung his hand away. “Bullsh*t. She was completely fine when I saw her last time. I know her. She has gone through a lot of hurdles in Melbourne, so she’s not someone who will be defeated that easily.”

“You know her? Do you know her better than me?” Shaun narrowed his eyes and slowly stood up.

“Shaun, you know her too, but you’ve forgotten a lot of things.” Chase really did not understand why Shaun seemed like a different person now. “Just let her out. If you don’t love her anymore, then let her go. She won’t pester you. If you put her in that kind of place, even a normal person would go crazy, let alone a woman who had just lost her children.”

Sarah said quietly, “Young Master Harrison, Catherine really did go crazy. If you don’t believe me, she almost stabbed Shaun. She was also the one who gave Shaunic his head injury…”

“Shut your mouth.” Chase had never liked Sarah, but now he had an inexplicable revulsion.

“Chase Harrison, is that how you speak to Sarah?” Rodney frowned unhappily. “Sarah only has good intentions.”


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