Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 585

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Chase looked at Rodney, and then at the silent Chester and Shaun.

He just could not understand why they seemed like they had been brainwashed.

When did it start?

It seemed like everything changed since Sarah appeared.

“Chester, Rodney, it’s fine since Shaun is sick, but the two of you are normal people. When Shaun’s illness acted up, Rin refused to abandon him. You know how she was d********d and locked in a cellar, and you two even praised her previously. Yes, you haven’t known her for long, but you should at least understand her a little.”

Chase roared in anger. “Back then, it was her who took Shaun away and prevented the Hill family from throwing him into a mental hospital. Yet now, you’re sending her to one. Are you still men?”

Shaun frowned deeply.

Chase’s words seemed a little familiar.

He tried to recall those memories, but a headache suddenly hit him, and he could not remember.

Rodney also frowned.

Chase yelled at him. “Rodney, I know you blame Rin for taking Shaun away, but when she courted Shaun, she didn’t even know Sarah existed. When she found out, she also thought that Sarah was d**d. She’s Shaun’s wife, but after Sarah’s return, you demanded that she leave because you guys have a good relationship with Sarah. But have you ever put yourself in Rin’s shoes? She lost her children and her husband. She has nothing left. What about Sarah? She has you. She has Shaun. She has a perfect future.”

Rodney was taken aback by his words.

Chester’s eyes narrowed slightly as he lit a cigarette.

Yes, he once genuinely thought that Catherine was worthy of Shaun. However, Catherine got with Charity time and time again. Then, it was after Shelley’s d***h and Sarah’s return that made him almost forget he had praised Catherine before.

“Chase, I’ll naturally let her out when she gets better,” Shaun explained. In fact, he was very confused.

Just as Chase was about to speak, Chester’s phone suddenly rang.

He answered it, and a moment later, the cigarette in his mouth fell on his trousers and b****d a hole in it without him noticing.

It was not until Cindy hurriedly swept the cigarette off for him that he put his phone down and said with a heavy expression, “The hospital contacted me. Catherine Jones is d**d.”


The room fell silent for more than ten seconds.

Shaun looked at Chester and found it difficult to breathe. It was as if the depths of his heart were stabbed by a sharp knife.

“What did you say?”

His eyes glared at Chester.

Chester opened his mouth with a complicated expression. “When the nurses in the hospital went to give her a jab, they found that she had torn the sheets into pieces and hanged herself.”

Shaun’s head buzzed. Everything around him turned black.

Catherine was d**d?

How could that be?

Was today April Fools? Was someone playing a joke on him?

She was still so young. Why did she hang herself?

He did not believe it. He could not believe that Catherine was d**d.

He rushed out of the room.

He sped to the hospital and grabbed one of the doctors at the psychiatric department. “Which room is Catherine Jones’s ward?”

“She has been sent to the morgue.”

“The morgue?”

Shaun held his breath, and a cold glint shot out from his eyes. “Why did you send her to the morgue?”

The doctor was so frightened by his fierce expression that his legs trembled. “She… She died. It’s the hospital’s standard procedure to send her to the morgue.”

Shaun flung him aside and rushed to the morgue.