Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 586

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 586

Shaun lifted the white cloth with his hands trembling, only to see Catherine lying there silently. If it had not been for the dark, green bruise on her neck, she would have looked like she was sleeping.

He placed his trembling hand by her nose to see if she was breathing.

It was icy.

Was she actually d**d?

He then hit his head hard.

He had to be dreaming. This was not real.

The last time they met, she was even criticizing and biting people.

How did she pass away so suddenly?

“Get lost, Shaun.”

A strong force pushed him away from behind.

Freya dashed to the side of the bed. After seeing Catherine’s d**d body, she glared at Shaun indignantly. “It’s all your doing, b*stard. You are the one who drove Catherine to her d***h, you m******r.”

“I didn’t. She… She was ill.”

Shaun did not even cast his bloodshot eyes over to Freya. He just froze to the spot, staring at Catherine.

He still could not resign himself to the situation.

He could not understand himself. He did not love Catherine at all.

However, why did he feel as if his soul had been taken away? It was as if he had lost someone significant in his life?

Tears even welled up uncontrollably and blurred his vision.

“You’re the one who is ill.”

Amid her sobs, Freya howled and criticized him, “Cathy was fine. You were the one who had been torturing and imprisoning her. You pushed her of your own accord and made her lose her babies. You even imprisoned her in the mental hospital and took away all her freedom. All of you drove her crazy. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t have feelings for her. You could’ve just divorce her. But why did you have to force her to be pregnant with children for you and Sarah? Why wouldn’t you let her go?”

“This is good too. Now that she’s d**d, she’s finally freed. She has been freed from being tortured by you guys. I’ll take her away. I won’t let you shameless couple keep her d**d body.”

Freya took a deep breath and asked someone to move Catherine away.

“What are you doing?” Shaun subconsciously clutched her arm. “She’s my wife, so I’ll handle her b****l. It’s none of your business.”

“Have you ever treated her as your wife? What gives you the right to bury her, you scumbag?”

Freya took out a bloodstained cloth and stuffed it into his chest. “Look at it carefully. Cathy wrote her last words on it using her own blood. She doesn’t want you to bury her, and she doesn’t want to be buried under the Hill family either. She just wants to stay away from you.”

Shaun froze at the sight of those blood-written words.

Did she resent him so much?

Perhaps he should let her go.

However, he could not bring himself to do it when he looked at her face.

He could not avert his eyes from her.

He could not accept the fact that he would not see her in his life anymore.

“No way. You can’t take her away.” Shaun blocked Freya determinedly.

“Shaun, just let her take Catherine away.”

All of a sudden, Old Madam Hill’s voice sounded at the door.

He abruptly turned his head around to see Old Master Hill, Old Madam Hill, and Liam standing there. He did not know when they had appeared.

The moment Liam saw Catherine, he could not help but punch Shaun in the face. “How shameless of you to think of burying her, b*stard. You didn’t even treat her as a human when she was alive, so now that she’s d**d, why aren’t you letting her go?”


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