Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 588

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Was God punishing Shaun for helping Thomas, that b*stard?

“S-sorry. I didn’t expect it to turn out this way.” Sarah was frightened by his furious look. She had never seen Shaun looking so terrifying.

If this had happened back then, he would have immediately felt guilty for being harsh to her.

However, he could not get over Catherine’s d***h. “Yeah. You didn’t expect it because all you think about is pampering Thomas. How many people has he actually k****d throughout the years?”

Catherine was right.

Shaun saw everyone else’s life as worthless except for Sarah’s.

He even crossed his baseline of morality for her over and over again.

“Shaunic, I am to blame for it. It’s my fault.”

Sarah kneeled and cried hysterically. “I really didn’t expect things to turn out this way.”

“Please leave now. I want to spend some time alone.” Shaun got into the car right away without even glancing at her.

This was his first time treating Sarah so indifferently ever since he had been hypnotized.

Sarah slowly raised her head and watched the car drive into the distance. She gnashed her teeth and clenched her fists.

Never had she thought that Shaun would lose his cool because of Catherine’s d***h.

Given that she had hypnotized Shaun, he should have no feelings for Catherine. By the look of it, she had underestimated Shaun’s love for Catherine.

Fortunately, Catherine was finally d**d.

No one would ever take over her role anymore.

Suddenly, Thomas gave her a call. “Sarah, is Catherine d**d for real?”


“That’s wonderful. Very soon, you’ll be the legal Young Madam Hill.” Thomas was elated. With Sarah being his support, he could ask for anything in the future.

“You better behave yourself,” Sarah replied sulkily, “Shaunic is blaming you for Catherine’s d***h. I guess he won’t be bothered about you anymore.”

“What? You must be joking.” After feeling worried for a moment, Thomas grinned and said, “Eldest Young Master Hill cares about you the most. Just make an effort to please him, and he’ll soon forget about this matter.”

Sarah’s head hurt.

Why did she have such an incapable brother? If he were not her biological brother, she would not have cared about him.

“I’m warning you to behave yourself these days.”

After hanging up the call, Sarah drove to jail straight away.

Soon, Charity walked out.

Sarah had asked some people in jail to deal with Charity, but she was so tough that they could not do anything to her. As such, she had been living a good life in jail. Although she had become thinner, she looked much better.

Deep down, Sarah was simmering with rage. However, when she pictured Charity learning the bad news later, she smiled. “It seems that you’ve been living quite well in jail.”

“What are you trying to do again?” A look of annoyance flashed across Charity’s face. If she had known it was Sarah, she would not have come out.

“No one has visited you lately, right? So I came to tell you something out of the goodness of my heart.” Sarah grinned and said, “Your best friend, Catherine, died today.”

Charity trembled, but a moment later, she laughed and said, “Stop talking nonsense. Catherine’s fine. She just came and visited me not long ago.”

“I’m not lying. She’s really d**d. She committed s*****e.” Sarah was playing with her nails, which had just been manicured. “I’ll soon become Shaun’s new wife.”

“I won’t believe you.” Charity shook her head. Catherine was such a nice and healthy woman, so why would she commit s*****e? What Sarah said was just ridiculous.


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