Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 589

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Sarah clicked her tongue and said, “Why would I lie to you? Catherine couldn’t take the fact that Shaunic and I are in a relationship. On top of that, my brother also forced himself on Freya. But Shaunic couldn’t bear to see him in trouble, so he got my brother out of jail and stopped Freya from looking into the matter. Catherine was so indignant about it that she had a row with Shaunic. Shaunic pushed her, and she lost the babies in her belly. Since she was traumatized, I told Shaunny to send her to the mental hospital for treatment. With all the injection and medication she was given, she committed s*****e in the end.”

She uttered every word very casually.

However, they rang in Charity’s ears like a bomb.

Thomas forced himself upon Freya?

Catherine committed s*****e?

Although Charity had not known Freya and Catherine for long, she could tell that they were the only ones who sincerely believed in her when she got into trouble.

Yet, look at how they ended up.

“Sarah, why do you have to be so cruel?” Charity was so furious that her eyes reddened, and her body trembled. If there had not been a glass separating the two of them, she would have dashed out and took Sarah down with her.

“I’m much crueler than this.”

Sarah was satisfied with how hysterical Charity looked now. “When Catherine visited you the last time, didn’t she tell you that your parents are d**d?”


The news came as another blow to Charity. She shook her head violently. “You must be lying to me.”

“I put your mom under light hypnosis. After I left, she fell into the bathtub and died of severe blood loss because no one saved her. When your dad found out about it, he got a heart attack and died. Don’t expect them to visit you for the rest of your life.”

Sarah beamed wickedly. She spoke so softly that only the two of them could hear. “But when it came to your mom’s b****l, I dumped her ashes and switched them to a dog’s.”

“Sarah, you’re not a human.” Charity’s blood was boiling.

She kept pounding on the glass wall like a madwoman, wanting to k**l Sarah so badly.

Nevertheless, the police soon stopped her.

Charity bawled like a wild animal, and her face was covered in tears.

Why did God have to treat her this way?

All it took was her to be in jail, and her friends and parents were d**d. Now, she was completely alone.

Yet, the m******r was out there on the loose.

Throughout her time in jail, Charity had never cried so sadly hopelessly and inconsolably.

The police had no choice but to knock her unconscious.

When Charity woke up, she found herself lying on the prison bed. Her pair of pretty eyes was replaced with a cold, bottomless dark pit.

She wanted to take revenge.

She wanted to take revenge against everyone.

Sarah Neeson, Shaun Hill, Chester Hill, Thomas Neeson… Just they wait.

Half a year later.

As soon as Chester finished a three-hour surgery, his assistant suddenly walked to him. “I just received news that Charity jumped into the sea and fled when she was repairing roads in Cavan. The police have tried searching for her in the sea for three days, but they still haven’t found her yet.”


Chester spaced out for a moment. Then, he slowly took off his glasses and turned around to face the window. He lit a cigarette. “Charity can’t swim.”

“Are you suspecting that she’s d**d?”

“What do you think would happen to a person, who can’t swim, jumps into the sea?”

Chester took a deep puff of his cigarette.

All of a sudden, he recalled Charity’s look when he first met her at the age of fourteen. She was standing under the sun with a simple ponytail and a black and white uniform. Her skin was soft.

Those days, the girls were very shy when they saw him.

Only Charity looked at him silently and distantly with her clear eyes.


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