Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 591

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“I’ve asked Freya to look after them. Wesley…”

“The apartment is ready. Let me drive you there now.”

With that, Wesley and Catherine got into the car.

The radio in the car was broadcasting some local news. “According to an informed source, President Hill, the wealthiest man in Australia, has spent 300 million dollars on his fiancée’s wedding gown. Apparently, President Hill has prepared the dress for two years. The two of them have been in a relationship for four years and are finally getting married.”

Wesley shot a glance at Catherine. Only when he noticed her calm expression did he let out a sigh of relief. “I’ve heard about it too. It seems that they’re actually getting married.”

“That’s great.” Catherine looked nonchalant but was not at all upset. Ever since she was sent to the mental hospital for treatment, she had stopped loving Shaun. “I was under the impression that they’ve long since gotten married.”

Wesley said, “They’ve lived together for some time, which makes it seem like they’re married.”

Catherine smiled. “That’s not surprising.”

Shaun had already been with Sarah before he divorced Catherine. Moreover, since he assumed Catherine was d**d, he would naturally get together with Sarah.

Looking at her expression, Wesley’s lips twitched, and he held his tongue.

An hour later, the car entered a neighborhood where Hackett Institute was located.

The apartment he bought for her was on the eighth floor. It had four bedrooms, two living halls, and a spacious balcony. There were also two children’s rooms — a sky blue-themed room for the boy and a pink-themed room for the girl. The bedding in the blue room featured Spiderman, which was Lucas’ favorite, whereas the pink room featured various Barbie dolls.

Catherine was stunned.

Wesley explained to her, “I didn’t think Lucas and Suzie would live abroad all their lives. You’ll bring them back sooner or later, so I’ve designed their rooms based on their preference. There’s a kindergarten in this neighborhood, and the environment here is quite good. There’s also a primary school, high school, and college around this neighborhood. They’re all top education institutions in Canberra.”

Catherine remained silent for a long while after she heard what Wesley said.

Needless to say, she was touched.

If it were not for Wesley, Liam, and Hadley’s assistance three years ago, she might have gone insane with all the daily injections in the ward. She could have turned into a lunatic and ended up in the mental hospital.

After she went abroad, Wesley continued to help Catherine and her children.

She could safely say that she would not be who she was today without him.

Now that she had returned, he was still so caring and thoughtful to her.

“Cathy, don’t overthink it. I’m doing this of my own accord,” Wesley said with a smile. “Ever since I met you in Melbourne, my heart has no one else but you. Carry on with what you want to do, and I’ll be waiting for you here.”

“Wesley, I just… don’t think I deserve you.” Deep down, Catherine felt extremely guilty.

“Is it because of Lucas and Suzie?” Wesley asked in a light-hearted tone. “In my eyes, they’re the most adorable angels I’ve ever met. They’ve never been a burden. It’d be my pleasure if I could be their dad.”

Once again, Catherine was touched.

Whenever she was in this kind of situation, she always regretted falling for Shaun instead of him in the first place.

Wesley was the one whom she should cherish.

“I’m sorry, Wesley. I can’t promise you anything now. I came back this time with the sole purpose of taking revenge,” Catherine said bluntly.

“I know. I’ve waited for three years, and I don’t mind waiting any longer.”


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