Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 593

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“Thank you.” Joel patted Damien on the shoulder. He was moved. “To be honest, my health is no longer as good as it was before, so I’ll leave Yule Corporation to you and Melanie.”

“It’s expected of me.”

As soon as Damien said that, a commotion arose at the door.

Someone yelled, “President Hill is here.”

Shaun was currently the head of the Hill family and no longer the Eldest Young Master Hill he used to be.

He was in a decent black double-breasted suit, which matched with a blue shirt and a bow tie. The outfit made him look well-dressed and slender. With his prominent features and exquisite face, everyone could not help but gasp at his attractiveness.

The lights in the dining hall shone on him.

His age did not matter. In fact, this man was like wine — the more it aged, the better it tasted. Not only was he more handsome, but he also exuded a stronger sense of elegance and authority.

Attracted by his presence, Melanie watched him with admiration from a distance.

She would never be bored with this man’s looks.

Then, she looked at Charlie, who was also in a black suit. Although his status had greatly improved over these years, his air of nobility was far from Shaun’s.

“My dear, who are you looking at?” Charlie raised his brows with a grim smile. He had worked very hard over the years to catch up with Shaun. However, Shaun was a natural-born businessman, and Charlie hated how he always paled in comparison with Shaun. No matter where he was, Shaun was always the one who took center stage.

“I’m just wondering why he’s here.” Melanie held his hand with a smile.

Charlie narrowed his eyes. “Perhaps it has to do with Catherine. After all, Catherine is his ex-wife. He also attended your dad’s 50th birthday the last time.”

“Oh well, my dad was not happy with his appearance at all. I heard it was Shaun and Sarah who drove Catherine to her d***h.”

At the thought of the incident, Melanie could not help but shudder. She felt lucky that she did not marry him.

“Yeah. I’m amazed by how shameless he is.” Charlie curled his lips into a sarcastic smile.

Speaking of being cruel to women, Charlie was nowhere close to Shaun.

On the other hand, Joel’s face darkened the moment he caught sight of Shaun.

Nevertheless, Shaun acted as if he did not notice Joel’s expression. He approached him and said with a deep voice, “Uncle Joel, I came here today to congratulate you on your company’s 30th anniversary. Here’s a gift for you.”

With that, Hadley handed the costly gift to Joel.

A surge of emotions welled up in Joel as he glared at Shaun. “Get out, Shaun.”

“Hadley, hand it to him.” Shaun threw a look at Hadley, pretending that he did not hear Joel’s words.

“Shaun, what’s the point?” Joel accused him angrily. “You k****d my daughter, and now, you’re being smarmy. Are you trying to make yourself feel better?”

Shaun furrowed his thick and attractive brows as he subconsciously pursed his lips.

Even though he was not directly responsible for Catherine’s d***h, it was undeniably his fault.

Joel was increasingly enraged at the sight of Shaun. “I barked up the wrong tree back then. Get lost. I don’t want to see you anymore.”

“Brother, he’s our guest, after all. It’s not good to drive him away in front of the public.” Damien smiled to ease the atmosphere.

It was 8:00 p.m. sharp.

The celebration had officially begun.

As such, the host invited Joel on stage for his speech.


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