Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 594

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The longer Joel looked at Shaun, the more annoyed he felt. Hence, he averted his eyes and went on stage right away.

He picked up the microphone and said, “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the celebration of Yule Corporation’s 30th-anniversary. In addition to this celebration, I would like to make an important announcement here today. Throughout these years, Damien and Melanie have been handling most of the matters in the company as my condition did not allow me to do so. With that, I’d like to take this opportunity to announce that from today onwards, Melanie will take over…”

“I disagree.”

Someone suddenly pushed open the door of the banquet hall that was closed.

Everyone looked in that direction.

A woman entered the hall in a red velvet gown with a knee-length slit, revealing her snowy-white legs on a pair of high heels. Her stunning long, wavy, and brown hair fell over both sides of her shoulders. Under the illumination of the lights, she looked like a beautiful angel. Every movement of hers exuded a sense of charisma and mystery.

No doubt, she was the most beautiful woman at the banquet tonight.

The majority of the guests were stunned at the sight of the woman.

Her beauty was one of a kind in Canberra.

Nevertheless, the guests soon noticed the resemblance between the woman in the red gown and Melanie. After comparing their looks, they found that Melanie was nowhere near as beautiful as the woman in the red gown.


Joel, who was standing on stage, dropped the microphone onto the floor.

He stared at the woman in the red gown in shock. He trembled, on the verge of tearing up. “Catherine.”

Melanie then screamed. “Catherine, aren’t you d**d?”

She was so stupefied that she nearly went mad.

After three years of waiting, she could finally take over Yule Corporation. Yet, a woman who looked exactly like Catherine suddenly showed up. Was she seeing things?

Nicola was the first to come to her senses, and she immediately scolded the woman, “What a liar. Security, hurry up and take her away. Don’t let her disrupt our banquet.”

A few security guards quickly walked up to Catherine. However, Catherine raised her pretty brows a little, and a scornful look appeared on her elegant face. “Mrs. Wicks, it’s been two years since Mr. Yule divorced you. Who are you to give instructions on what to do during Yule Corporation’s important occasion? Am I right, Dad?”

She then fixed her bright eyes on Joel.

Tears rolled down Joel’s cheeks. He gave Nicola an angry glower before he dashed to the security officers. “Don’t you dare touch her.”

With that, he walked down the stage in a flurry.

“Calm down, Brother. Catherine died three years ago.” Damien quickly stopped Joel. He did not have a good feeling about this. All his instincts told him that he had to drive this woman away regardless of whether she was the real Catherine.

“I can recognize my own daughter.” Joel pushed Damien away with one hand.

As Joel walked closer to the woman, he was even more certain that she was Catherine.

“You’re still alive, Cathy.” Joel burst into tears.

“Sorry, Dad. Back then, I had to fake my d***h and leave for reasons I can’t say. Anyway, I’m back now,” Catherine said amid her sobs. She approached him and hugged him gently.

“It’s okay. I’m just glad that you’re back. I owe you so much. From now onward, I’ll give you the best of everything.”

All the guests at the venue heard what Joel said.

Then, they began to whisper about it.

“Since when did Joel have an illegitimate daughter?”

“I heard about it three years ago. Joel brought this daughter back from Melbourne to acknowledge her as part of the Yule family.”

“Now that you’ve mentioned it, I can recall it. I heard this illegitimate daughter married Eldest Young Master Hill after that.”


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