Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 595

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“Seriously? Is that Catherine… Eldest Young Master Hill’s ex-wife?”

“Yup, she’s the one.”

Everyone secretly shifted their gazes to Shaun.

At this moment, Shaun’s handsome face was cold and dark. His deep-set eyes were grim.

Nobody knew what was on his mind.

All he did was slowly take out a cigarette and lit it. Soon, the smoke obscured his prominent features.

“Dad, don’t let her deceive you.” Melanie suddenly walked to him and said gently, “How can a d**d person possibly come back to life? I think she only looks like Catherine. She somehow got Catherine’s former looks and came to deceive us. What’s more, Catherine’s face was d********d.”

“Exactly, Brother. You still remember how Catherine looked back then, don’t you? Even the top aesthetic doctor said that it was impossible to restore her facial appearance. You should be able to recall this, Eldest Young Master Hill.”

Damien suddenly looked at Shaun, who was seated on the chair.

Shaun flicked the ashes off before he rose to his feet. Then, he walked to Catherine with one hand shoved in the pocket of his trousers.

Catherine’s smooth face became clearer to him as he moved closer to her.

He realized that over the years, he had always seen her deformed face when he thought about her, so much so that he had forgotten how she originally looked.

Now that he saw her again, he was greeted by a sense of familiarity and amazement.

He had to admit that no one in Canberra was incomparable to her one-of-a-kind beauty.

“Enough, stop asking Shaun. Everyone knows that he has never loved me. Even his assistant understands me better than him.”

Catherine smiled before she whispered into Joel’s ear. “Dad, before you got into an accident, you promised to transfer 35 percent of the company’s shares to me.”

With that, the slightest hint of hesitation in Joel’s gaze vanished.

Besides Catherine, the only person who knew about this matter was Joel’s most trusted lawyer.

“Okay. You guys can stop asking. I’ve confirmed that she is indeed my biological daughter, Catherine,” Joel said with determination.

Melanie began to panic. “Dad, what has she done to bewitch you?”

“I just told Dad our little secret,” Catherine said with a grin. “That’s right. The top aesthetic doctor claimed that there was no cure for my face, but that doesn’t mean foreign doctors can’t cure it. With the growth of plastic surgery, I’ve spent the past few years overseas receiving facial treatment. It took me three years to heal.”

Damien said indifferently, “My brother loves his daughter very much, so fooling him is very easy. But the Yule family is a noble family, and we won’t allow any Tom, D**k, or Harry to join us. I think you should take a DNA test.”

“Yes.” Nicola immediately went along with his idea. “Even if she’s the real Catherine, she’s still a shameful illegitimate daughter. She has no right to attend such an occasion.”

“Security, send her out.” Melanie directly drove her away.

Given that Melanie was Charlie’s wife and the soon-to-be successor of Yule Corporation, the security officers hesitated for a moment.

“Hurry up. If you don’t kick her out, the Campos and Yule families will blacklist your hotel,” Charlie swiftly instructed.

“Don’t you dare.” In a fit of fury, Joel could not stop coughing.