Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 597

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“I understand that you might not believe the paternity reports. Fortunately, I came with a backup plan.”

Catherine clapped once calmly and confidently.

The massive screen in front suddenly lit up, revealing an inappropriate clip in high density.

Damien was lying on the bed with Nicola on top of him. The two of them were doing something intimate.

“Darling, look, how can my useless brother compare to me?”

“You’re right. I regret it so much now. I should’ve married you from the beginning. Damien, you’re amazing.”

Nicola lost her mind upon seeing that passionate scene. She rushed forward, shouting hysterically, “Stop playing it. Stop it!”

The image changed on the screen.

Nicola was seen lying in Damien’s arms. Her clothes were disheveled.

“Damien, when’s that stupid Joel finally going to transfer the stocks to our daughter, Melanie?”

“Don’t worry. I’ll try to convince him to do so on the corporation’s 30th anniversary.”

“That’s great. By then, Melanie will take over the entire Yule Corporation.”


Below the stage, Damien’s enraged face was replaced by embarrassment.

He had initially planned to air the d***y laundry with Joel after Melanie took over the corporation. However, he did not expect it to happen publicly, in the most appalling way possible.

The image he had spent three years building for himself crumbled within seconds.

Everyone was criticizing Damien, Nicola, and Melanie.

“Oh my goodness, this is so gross. The sister-in-law is having an affair with the younger brother. I thought things like this only happen in dramas.”

“An affair? Come on, they already slept with each other twenty years ago and even have their illegitimate child imposed as Joel’s daughter. All these just to steal the man’s shares.”

“Damien is scheming. I remember Joel has always been nice to him.”

“Not to mention Nicola, who always pretends to be noble. I didn’t expect her to be so pretentious.”

“Exactly. I feel like throwing up just thinking that my wife goes shopping with her often.”

“Luckily, everything’s cleared up now. Otherwise, Joel would’ve given up his shares to Damien for the wrong reasons.”


Joel’s breathing quickened when he heard the gossip and criticisms. However, on second thought, he felt incredibly sad for himself.

As it turned out, he had abandoned Catherine and Sheryl based on a lie that Nicola convinced him to believe. He had sacrificed the happy family he could have had because of these lies.

All these years, he had raised someone else’s daughter like a precious darling while Catherine had been put through so much suffering.

What on earth had he done?!

“You b*tch!” Joel’s handsome face had never been as intimidating as it was now. He walked over to slap firmly across Nicola’s face. “I’m going to make you pay!”