Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 600

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In a matter of minutes, the Yule Corporation’s scandals had gone viral.

[Breaking news! The President of Yule Corporation had an affair with his sister-in-law. The illegitimate child is a tool for stealing the elder brother’s wealth.]

[Unbelievable. I watched the live stream earlier. A pr*ck like Damien Yule even received support from the company’s executives. He must’ve bribed them a lot. I think this should be looked into.]

[Haha, birds of the same feather flock together. Perhaps they don’t think the affair is problematic.]

[People always say that the super-rich people are sick in the mind. I believe it now.]

[What’s wrong with those who stayed behind in the celebration? To show their support to Damien?]

[No way. It makes me sick just looking at products of the Yule Corporation. Join me in boycotting them starting from today]


Numerous guests could not bring themself to stay after reading the comments. “Um… I think it’s better that we leave.”

“Ah, I suddenly remembered I have a meeting to attend tonight. I’ll have to leave first.”

The guests left one after another. The executives of Yule Corporation felt so embarrassed that they wished they could bury themselves in a hole right this second.

“Damien, you and your daughter are a real disgrace.” All the shareholders now regretted their choices. They shouted at the executives at the back, “Why are all of you all still here? Head back to the company for meetings with the PR department now.”

The banquet hall was empty in a matter of minutes.

Old Master Yule threw his walking stick at Damien. “You’re a shame to the family!”

Then, he left the scene with Old Madam Yule.

Infuriated, Damien smashed all the glasses on the table to the ground. Nicola was so shocked that she quickly ran over to hug her daughter. “Why didn’t that stupid Catherine d*e along with her mother all those years ago?”

“Dad… What should we do now?” Melanie’s lips quivered as she questioned. Her teary eyes were filled with rage.

A glint flashed across Charlie’s eyes as he smiled slyly and said, “There’s something we can do. Didn’t Catherine openly admit that she’s Joel’s illegitimate daughter earlier? Aunty Nicola, you could turn this around and say it was Uncle Joel who cheated on you first. You only sought help from his brother as revenge.”

“Yes, you’re right.” Melanie’s eyes twinkled. “Not only will the people stop insulting us, but the feminists will also show us their support.”

Damien nodded along. “Charlie, that’s a good idea.”

“Alright, I’ll gather the reporters immediately for a press conference.”

However, as soon as Nicola’s voice trailed off, Damien’s secretary suddenly approached them. “President Campos, I’m afraid that’ll not work. Catherine posted this on her Facebook about three minutes ago. Look.”

She handed them her phone.

Catherine’s Facebook account that had been inactive for three years was updated. [Hi everyone, my name is Catherine Jones, the daughter of Sheryl Jones and Joel Yule. Unfortunately, I’m an illegitimate child. Twenty-eight years ago, my parents fell in love with one another. But because of different family backgrounds, my paternal grandparents didn’t allow them to be together and forced him to marry Nicola Wicks instead. That same year, Mr. Yule and Miss Wicks got drunk and had a one-night stand. She claimed that she was pregnant with his child and forced him to take on the responsibility. My mother didn’t tell Mr. Yule about my presence, hence Mr. Yule, as the responsible man he was, married Miss Wicks. I was raised by my maternal grandmother. All I wanted to say is Mr. Yule wouldn’t have married Miss Wicks if she hadn’t blackmailed him with the child. Funnily enough, the child doesn’t even belong to Mr. Yule, and my mother passed away not long after she gave birth to me…]

The post garnered numerous comments within minutes.

[I was just about to say that Joel Yule is no different from Nicola Wicks. One of them had an illegitimate daughter, whereas the other one cheated on her husband. As it turns out, she was the third party.]

[She forced her way into the wealthy family with the child that doesn’t even belong with him. Unbelievable.]

[What’s more crazy is that apparently, Joel Yule gave Nicola Wicks over 30 billion dollars when they divorced a few years ago.]

[I would’ve died out of rage if I were Joel Yule.]