Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 602

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Enraged, Joel was about to yell back when Catherine pushed him away softly. She glanced at Shaun’s handsome face nonchalantly. “You’re right. I lied to you.”

“Very well. Who was in it as well? Freya? Or the people from the hospital?” Shaun felt like a fool the more he thought of how she had deceived him for the past three years.

She cocked her head before twitching her lips into a smile. “President Hill, if I hadn’t pretended to be d**d then, I’m afraid I would’ve really been b****d into ashes.”

“What do you mean?”

Despite the dazzling smile hanging on her face, the sarcasm hidden beneath filled his narrowed eyes with indifference.

“I’m sure you know what I mean.”

Catherine smiled before retrieving a pair of sunglasses from her purse and putting it on. She instantly looked fashionable and confident. “I was just a normal person yet you threw me into the mental hospital. Every day, I was forcefully injected and fed with medicine. I was trapped indoors, living a life more restricted than a prisoner in jail. You all would have driven me crazy for real in no time.”

A lump formed in Shaun’s throat as he spoke in a hoarse voice, “You weren’t mentally stable back then…”

“Do you know the difference between mental disorder and extreme anger?” She scoffed. “I lost my children and was being confined indoors yet you were being intimate with Sarah before my eyes every single day. How could I not have gone mad? Did you think I should’ve been calm and polite with you then?”

“Shaun, how could you have treated my daughter like that?” Joel was heartbroken to learn this. When he first came out of the coma, he had also thought Catherine was suffering from a mental disorder. Little did he know it was all because of Shaun.

“You b*stard!” Joel could not hold it in anymore and tried to punch him in the face.

Shaun blocked the man’s fist effortlessly and even held it back by force.

“Let go of him.” Catherine’s beautiful eyes turned cold instantly. “You threatened me with my dad so many times three years ago and now you’re trying the same old trick?”

Shaun’s arm froze immediately. He pursed his thin lips before slowly loosening his grip on Joel.

A look of surprise washed over the latter’s face. “How did he use me to threaten you?”


Shaun remained quiet. Catherine lifted her head to look at him, smiling. “Eldest Young Master Hill, why don’t you explain? Weren’t you quite confident in threatening me back then?”

The sight of her dazzling smile frustrated him. He remembered she used to hate him for doing this. However, she could now talk about the past indifferently with a mocking smile.

“Everyone made mistakes then. Your friends weren’t innocent either.” Finally, he replied in a deep voice.

“Yes, your girlfriend’s elder brother is the only innocent person.” She turned around to smile at Joel. “Dad, the reporters caught him cheating with Sarah behind my back. He felt bad for that woman when everyone was insulting her so he forced me to tell the public that we were already divorced. Otherwise, he would prohibit Dr. Angelo from treating you. In the end, Sarah’s elder brother barged into my friend’s house and fought with her violently. One of my friends was stabbed and the other one was almost raped. After that, he used you to threaten me again so that I would give up on bringing his girlfriend’s brother to justice.”

Joel was frightened to hear that. How much had his daughter suffered because of him?”

He felt like a complete failure the more he thought about this. His eyes were overflowing with rage.

He hated himself for being old and too weak to fight with that man.

“Shaun, you animal! No, you’re worse than an animal!”

Shaun frowned. When had he promised to take good care of Catherine, anyway?

However, he felt embarrassed about the past.

This was why he could not forget Catherine all these years. It was out of guilt.

“Dad, forget it. It’s all in the past.”

She slightly pushed Joel toward the car, smiling faintly. “Let’s go. There’s no point wasting our breaths with someone like him.”

“Cathy, don’t worry. I’ll get revenge for you,” Joel said angrily.

Shaun twitched his brows into a frown while Catherine laughed before saying to her father, “What revenge? I don’t want him to think I’m mad and trap me in the mental hospital again. It’s probably for the best that we stay away from him in the future.”

Then, she walked around to get into the driver’s seat.