Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 603

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Shaun was still standing in front of the car.

Catherine poked her head out the window. “President Hill, do you mind?”

He looked at her strangely. The woman’s sunglasses sat elegantly on her beautiful nose. He shifted his gaze downward to look at her arrogant yet delicate lips.

It was as if this woman had changed completely.

She felt unfamiliar to him yet he could not bring himself to take his eyes off her.

Shaun had no idea what was happening, as he was not a man easily seduced by women’s beauty.

A few seconds later, he finally stepped aside.

The white sports car sped past him.

Hadley returned to him. “Eldest Young Master Hill, it’s time to go.”

“Look into how she faked her d***h and left the country. I want to know who helped her.” Shaun turned around to glare at his assistant all of a sudden.

The latter shuddered instinctively and quickly nodded.

Shaun read Catherine’s Facebook post after getting into the car.

This woman… was impressive to have struck first and gained the upper hand.

The corners of his lips twitched into a smile. He froze by the time he realized what was happening.

D**n it! He should be infuriated for getting tricked by her the past three years yet he was smiling? “Hadley, do you think she wasn’t actually sick back then?”

“Um… I’m not sure,” Hadley replied hesitantly, “But Miss Neeson is a professional. She probably… wouldn’t have lied to us?”

He paused briefly in the end and appeared nervous.

Shaun was taken aback.

Yes, he had believed Sarah when she said Catherine was depressed three years ago.

However, what if she had been lying?

He rubbed his temples gently. No, Sarah would not lie to him.

Sarah called him on the phone just as he was thinking about this. “Shaunic, are you coming home yet?”

“Yeah, I’m on my way.”

She briefly fell silent before speaking again. “I saw the news that Catherine is back. It seems like…”

“Yeah.” He looked out the window and the images of Catherine’s gorgeous appearance flashed through his mind.

“Shaunic, I…” Sarah laughed awkwardly. “I see that she has become more beautiful than me and it’s making me anxious. I’m afraid you’ll go back to her side.”

“Don’t overthink it. I wasn’t even really with her before. I’m home.”

He hung up the phone and told himself to stop thinking about Catherine.

Upon returning to the seaside villa, Sarah came out to greet him wearing a s**y red sleeping gown.

All of a sudden, Shaun was reminded of how elegant Catherine had looked in her red dress today.

“What’s the matter? Don’t I look good?” Sarah noticed him being distracted and shook him by the shoulder, pouting.

“I’ll go take a shower.” He headed for the stairs.

She bit her lip. When Shaun came out of the shower later, she went forward to hug him from behind and said in a seductive voice, “Shaunic, let’s… try again tonight.”

He stood there, motionless.