Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 605

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After ending the phone call, Sarah got dressed and walked down the stairs. Shaun was standing in front of the French windows. His slender and beautiful fingers were wrapped around a glass of red wine. The window clearly reflected his handsome face. A man with his impeccable looks would make any woman want to do bad things to him on a night like this.

A look of frustration flashed across Sarah’s face.

Shaun was the most charming man she had ever seen yet he had problems in that department.

“You’re going out?” He looked at her purse.

“Yup, I’m going to meet my friends. I’m getting tired of this.” She tucked her hair behind her ear to reveal her sad face.

His face was washed over with embarrassment. “Sorry. I promise… that I’ll see a doctor.”

“Um… Sure.” She was so busy thinking about dealing with Lucifer that she merely mumbled a reply and quickly left the villa.

A pin-drop silence fell upon the room.

Shaun lowered his head to the ground and finished the wine in a gulp. A chubby cat came near his feet and started meowing.

He bent over to pat Fudge on the head. “What should I do if I keep failing?” he said quietly.

Yule family’s villa.

Catherine’s phone rang and she went to the garden before answering. The other person’s voice sounded from the phone. “Miss, Sarah Neeson went to the private apartment she purchased secretly under her name. Lucifer’s there too. The surveillance cameras we went through all the effort to install are probably not going to be useful now.”

She felt disappointed upon hearing that. “I thought she would meet Lucifer in the hotel. It appears she’s more cautious than I thought.”

“It’s fine. They’re not going to stop after the first meeting. What’s important is that she took the bait.”

“You’re right. Keep a close eye on them. Let me know when she leaves.”


After putting the phone away, Joel appeared looking troubled.

“Cathy, numerous stockholders of Yule Corporation called me earlier. They want me to return to my position tomorrow. It seems they’ve agreed to temporarily dismiss Damien and Melanie from their positions.”

“Dad, it’s better to wait for the Yule Corporation’s stock price to drop further.”

“Sure,” he agreed without hesitation.

This took her by surprise. “Dad, that’s it? We’re talking about several billion dollars here,” she asked, smiling.

“It doesn’t matter. Your happiness is my utmost priority.” As soon as he finished saying that, he staggered backward a little.

Catherine grabbed onto him immediately. “Dad, what’s wrong?”

“Sigh, it’s probably just old age. I keep feeling lightheaded lately. I think the accident has really taken a toll on my health. I begin panting for air after taking a few steps.” He smiled bitterly. “That’s why I wanted to hand over the corporation to Melanie sooner but what a shame…”

She frowned. “Dad, I’ll bring you to the hospital for a check-up tomorrow.”

“There’s no need for that. I do that every year.”

“You have to listen to me or I won’t be at ease.” She was determined.

Tears began welling in his eyes as he looked at her. “Cathy, I owe you and your mother too much. I’m so useless!”

“Dad, honestly, I hate you sometimes but oh well, I’m still your daughter at the end of the day.” She smiled bitterly.


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