Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 606

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Joel was kicking himself. Despite having worked in the business industry for years, he still ended up barking up the wrong tree. He felt the need to make it up to Catherine in the future. He must not leave her to suffer.

The next day.

Catherine took Joel to a newly-opened yet reputable hospital in Canberra for a medical check-up.

The check-up results were out in the morning.

The doctor frowned upon looking at the report. “Mr. Yule, there are toxins in your blood.”

“What?” Joel was shocked. “B-But the check-up I did three months ago showed that I was normal.”

The doctor shook his head. “It’s chronic poisoning, which began to take place at least two years ago. Do you experience coughs, headaches, and chest tightness every now and then?”

“Yes.” Joel quickly nodded. “I went to consult a doctor earlier. After giving me a body check-up, the doctor claimed that it could be due to the side effects of the accident and my age…”

“I’m not sure why the doctor who treated you previously would say so. Well, you can clearly tell from the results now. If you hadn’t been made aware of it any sooner, your health would’ve probably deteriorated within a year. You might’ve collapsed or suffered a heart attack and lost your life.”

The doctor glanced at Joel sympathetically as he spoke. People said the noblemen’s society was filled with indifference and complications. Now that the doctor witnessed it himself, he realized that the statement was right.

Joel sank into despair.

“Doctor, is it possible to detoxify the toxins in my dad’s body?” Catherine asked.

The doctor replied, “It’s possible, but he won’t be as fit as before. I suggest that he undergo treatment as soon as possible.”

“Thank you.”

After expressing her gratitude to the doctor, Catherine held Joel and walked out with him in a daze. Looking at Joel’s frustrated look, she said helplessly, “Regarding the toxins, it must be someone around you who has been spiking your food. The person is either in your company or villa. I’m sure the doctor whom you consulted before this had also been bribed, that’s why he claimed that you were fine.”

“It was Melanie who brought me there every time,” Joel said dejectedly with a hint of mockery, “Never in my wildest dreams did I expect that. After all, I spent over 20 years raising her, giving her the best of everything. I even thought she was actually unaware that Damien was her biological dad. As for Nicola, I gave her a few billion dollars after divorcing her. Nicola and Melanie are really terrifying. This incident definitely has to do with them.”

Catherine pursed her lips.

He was right. Fortunately, she had returned. If she had come back later, Joel would have already lost his life.

“I need to report it to the police,” Joel said indignantly.

“Dad, you’re just going to raise the alarm if you do that. Nicola and Melanie will certainly pin it on the person who has been spiking your food. Since they were bold enough to do such a deed, I’m sure they’ve come up with a backup plan.”

Catherine rolled her eyes before continuing, “You should have your body secretly detoxified while pretending to know nothing about it. Keep a watchful eye on the nanny and servants in the villa as well as the secretary to find out who has been spiking your food. Then, you can catch the person and make Nicola and Melanie confess.”

Joel finally understood and glanced at his daughter admiringly. “Cathy, you’re much more intelligent than me.”

“Dad, you’re too kind and trust people too easily.”

The corners of Catherine’s mouth conveyed a sense of grimness.

After going through many ups and downs, she understood the principle that being kind to her enemies would mean being cruel to herself.

“You’re right.” Joel let out a sigh and nodded in empathy.

If he had not been too kind, he would not have married Nicola and consequently hurt Sheryl back then.

The thought of Sheryl left him breathless with pain.


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