Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 608

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“Get out.” Shaun glowered at Hadley before striding out of the elevator.

There was nothing more embarrassing than coming across his ex-wife when he visited the andrology unit.

D**n it!

Catherine drove to Hudson Corporation immediately after she left the hospital.

After three years, the familiar faces at the front desk had already been replaced with new faces.

As soon as Catherine stepped in, the receptionist immediately stopped her. “Who are you? Have you made an appointment?”

“No.” Catherine took off her sunglasses, revealing her exquisitely beautiful face. “But I’d like to meet your president.”

The receptionist was stunned for a moment before scoffing. “Who are you to meet our president without making an appointment in advance? Are you under the impression that our president will simply meet anyone who’s well dressed? You’re not a celebrity like Cindy Turner.”

“Cindy Turner?” Catherine raised her brows.

“Cindy is our company’s new ambassador. Get out,” the receptionist replied impatiently.

Catherine’s smile turned slightly stiff. “So who’s your president now?”

“You want to meet our president but you don’t even know who she is? Well, our president is Sarah Langley Neeson. Miss Neeson is President Hill’s fiancée who will be taking office in no time.”

The receptionist’s words made Catherine’s gaze turn grim. With an invisible air of authority emanating from her, the receptionist somehow went into a panic.

At this point, someone behind her yelled out. “Chairwoman J-Jones?”

Catherine turned around and fixed her eyes on the man behind her who looked like he was in his 40s. He seemed unshaven and sloppy with slightly long hair.

“Harvey… Why do you look so much older now?” Catherine’s pretty eyes widened, and she smiled in astonishment.

“It’s you, Chairwoman Jones! The news people have been spreading online about you is true. You’re still alive.” Harvey looked at her excitedly, his eyes turning red.

“Yeah, I’m still alive.” Catherine glanced at the tag in front of his chest and frowned. “Why has your position changed from a president’s assistant to a warehouse management executive?”

Harvey responded despondently, “Chairwoman Jones, you’re probably unaware that when you were declared d**d three years ago, the ownership of the company was transferred to President Hill. After all, President Hill was your legal husband. Needless to say, Director Irvine and the rest were more than ready to have President Hill’s support. In fact, Hudson Corporation has been doing very well under President Hill’s guidance these few years. Even the company’s net worth has doubled. However, Shaun appointed Sarah as the new president of the company two years ago and I was then assigned a lower position. General Manager Wolfe’s situation is even more pitiful as he’s just a supervisor now. Anyway, for those who previously worked under you, their positions have all been lowered.

“What about President Jefferson?”

“President Jefferson has returned to Brisbane. Sarah knows you were on friendly terms with him, so she doesn’t allow him to be involved in the company’s matters. I heard that even his bonus was deducted.”

Catherine’s pretty face darkened.

Little did she expect that Shaun would let Sarah take over Hudson Corporation.

Hudson Corporation was the most important legacy Catherine’s mother had left for her. How dare Sarah, that disgusting woman, take control of it?!

‘Shaun oh Shaun, now that I’m back, I’ll settle this score with you.”

“Who’s she, Harvey?” The receptionist was perplexed after hearing him address Catherine as Chairwoman Jones.

“You know nothing. She’s Catherine Jones, the chairwoman of this company. She’s back now,” Harvey answered furiously, “This company belongs to her.”

The receptionist was dazed.

At this moment, a security officer’s voice sounded from the entrance. “Hi, President Neeson.”

“You’re here, President Neeson.”

The crowd turned their gazes to Sarah who was dressed in a houndstooth dress. She wore a gentle smile as she entered the office. Behind her was a woman in black who looked like her bodyguard.

The second Sarah caught sight of Catherine, her well made-up face froze. In fact, she had already seen Catherine in the video last night. Nevertheless, she did not expect that she would look even more beautiful in person. If one claimed that Catherine was 20 years old, no one would suspect it.