Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 609

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Sarah unconsciously compared herself to Catherine. No matter how much effort she put into taking care of her skin, a few wrinkles were already visible below the corners of her eyes considering that she was turning 30 soon.

She finally understood why Shaun had fallen for Catherine back then.

She had wondered about Catherine’s whereabouts the last few days. She was shocked to find out that Catherine’s face had been treated.

Having said that, what was the point? She had complete control over Shaun now, so Catherine was considered nothing.

At the thought of it, Sarah curved her mouth into a smug smile.

She pretended that she did not see Catherine and directly headed to the elevator.

“Where are you going, Sarah? This is my office, isn’t it?” Catherine pulled Sarah’s long hair all of a sudden.

Surprisingly, Catherine was dragging Sarah down to the floor without being concerned about her own image. With that, Sarah yelled in pain.

“What are you doing?” The woman in black moved nimbly and attacked Catherine right away.

“Oops! It was an accident. I didn’t expect that I’d be able to pull her hair out so easily.” Catherine retreated and loosened her grip on Sarah’s hair. The strands of hair in her hand then dropped to the floor. “I was just admiring your thick hair but they turned out to be extensions.”

“Catherine, you clearly did it on purpose! Grab her now, Yael.” Sarah was so indignant that her usually elegant features were distorted.

Due to her thin and short hair, she had deliberately visited the most expensive salon to get hair extensions. Now that Catherine had pulled them out, she flew into a rage.

“Why are you grabbing me? I didn’t do anything wrong.” Catherine soon got into a fight with Yael Chadwick. Shortly after, Yael was dragged down the floor.

The situation left Sarah gaping. Yael was the bodyguard whom Shaun had assigned to protect Sarah. Over these few years, Catherine had actually acquired some skills, making it difficult to deal with her.

“Are you a member of Liona?” Catherine raised her brows and gazed at Yael who swiftly rose to her feet. “Do you know Elle?”

“Elle?” Yael gnashed her teeth and answered disdainfully, “Eldest Young Master Hill has long since assigned her to work elsewhere. It’s been a couple of years since she has come back.”

It hit Catherine that Shaun had assigned Yael to protect Sarah, just like how he had asked Elle to protect her.

When it came to dealing with women, he had not changed one bit.

Looking at Sarah’s competent bodyguard being suppressed, the receptionist asked in a daze, “President N-Neeson, do you want me to call the police?”

“Go ahead.” Catherine immediately went along with the idea. “I’d also like to let the police know that someone is occupying my company.”

“Occupying?” Sarah scoffed and criticized Catherine, “Hudson Corporation now belongs to Shaun and he has personally appointed me as the president. To put it frankly, you’re basically a d**d person, Catherine.”

Catherine blinked her eyes. “How am I d**d? Since the government hasn’t even issued my d***h certificate, I’m eligible to claim my property. By the way, Shaun is still my spouse by law, so you’re basically occupying his legal wife’s company.”

“You’re absolutely right, Chairwoman Jones.” Harvey clapped at once. “Indeed, she’s the most savage mistress I’ve ever met.”

“That shows how ignorant you are. Previously, this mistress also claimed that I was mentally ill and made Shaun send me to the mental hospital,” Catherine said with a sigh.

It was almost noontime. Employees had begun to gather in the dining hall downstairs. Upon hearing Catherine’s words, everyone gasped and looked at Sarah in a strange way.

“Oh goodness. That’s too cruel!”


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